Pro-Mubarak Thugs Shut Down Journalists

Feb. 2, 2011 Pro-Mubarak thugs shut down journalists and attacked many right now Tahrir Square is a battlefield between what has been 8 days of what was a call for democracy.

President Mubarak refused to give up his dictatorship, has made a statement that he will step down in September after he and the US have time to appoint another puppet government which would make matters worse.  The people are fed up with high unemployment and this example of tyranny and attacking journalists is a disgrace. The UN has not made a statement however it does not matter to the people of Egypt.

This is escalating due to the pro-Mubarak thugs that are secret police organized to break up the anti-Mubarak protesters and this is not the road to democracy but the continuation of a totalitarian government clinging to power by a thread.

More outbursts are expected today as the two groups clash in the downtown area of Cairo and foreign journalists continue to broadcast the real live events including the Al Jazeera network as well as sporadic reports from CNN and US networks.

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