Pope Kisses Muslim Cleric -All You Need is Love

Pope Kisses Muslim Cleric -All You Need is Love

Not that there is anything wrong with this but the Vatican is in an uproar over a photo of the Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict in this photo is kissing (full on the lips) his arch enemy, the cleric leader of the Muslim faith Ahmed Mohamed El-Tayeb the Imam at a Cairo mosque.

The photo was used in a Benetton advertisement created by the Ad Age Agency and was captioned with the word:


The Vatican apparently though, is in an uproar over the photo and issued a statement saying:

“This is a grave lack of respect for the Pope, an offence against the sentiments of the faithful and a clear example of how advertising can violate elementary rules of respect for people in order to attract attention through provocation,”

A somewhat terse statement coming from a religious institution that preaches love, amongst our fellow man. The Vatican also threatens to sue over the picture for what is a plus for the Vatican even though they don’t really see it that way.

Religious figures should be an example of love even though the leaders of these groups do not embrace shall we say, the other man’s faith. Still we can all get along can’t we?

A kiss shows love and respect and in no way is the image disrespectful of the Pope, many Popes through the years have kissed other men, other politicians and even the ground when they land from a plane trip. The Pope always kisses the ground upon arrival either to demonstrate love for the place he is visiting or a thankful gesture that he arrived safely from his journey.

Really, we don’t really know why the Vatican has taken this stance, but it does seem a little like over-reacting to an innocent kiss.

Many other famous figures have been featured in the Benetton ad campaigns such as: President Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama and PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Louis Armstrong sang a Song that applies here called:

A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON- if only religious leaders were faithful to the cause of human love and world wide love between religions.

Another Song that comes to mind is: All You Need is Love
By the Beatles

All you Need is Love

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Source: Russia TV