Poor Ann Romney- Working Mothers Furor

Poor Ann Romney- Working Mothers Furor

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The much to do about nothing fighting over some comment that Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life, still wages on in social media mostly fanned by CNN.


But CNN’s  Wolf Blitzer’s scathing comments against Hilary Rosen today just proved one more point on the glass ceiling in politics.  The same glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton faced in the democratic party when the party favored Barack Obama instead of her.


Ann Romney Repaired Her Own Image- No Praise for Working Pay Check Moms

For her part, Hilary Rosen was speaking of another world that Ann Romney has no conceptual understanding. The world of mothers who “have to work” to make ends meet. Where a husband has likely lost his job and a mother has to provide for her children. These are not choices they are mandatory in today’s world and that seems to have escaped Mrs. D. Romney.  

Today, she did not praise the women who have to work, the women who’s husband’s have lost their jobs, today she only repaired her own image, for that was all she was concerned about.

Today, Ann Romney said “we understand that people are struggling”., yet her husband is cutting funding for agencies that actually keeps women healthy so they can work. Mitt Romney has also come out against abortion rights, of women, supporting the evangelical hacking of Roe v. Wade by cutting funding for abortions.  

Let’s take a look at how hard it is for Ann Romney -really. Doubtfully after reading this article, any person of any political persuasion would call it – work.  

Romney’s Income

Mr. Romney opposes higher taxes on the rich because the Rich are “job Creators”.  We have yet to see any jobs created by the 27 million dollars he earned in 2010.


The Romney’s Do Hire Domestic Help but Pay Lousy Wages



The 2010 IRS tax returns of the Romney’s report his earnings are 27 Million dollars per year on investments tied up in the Cayman Islands.

The Romney’s also have millions stashed in a few Swiss Bank accounts and more millions in Cayman banks.

Mr. Romney indeed profits from the tax advantages of the wealthy and makes money on his taxes by only paying a 13% tax rate or possibly even less. 

The Romney’s actually earned 7 million from Bain Capital investments alone, still profiting from a company where he raided corporations and put Americans out of work.

Romney takes good advantage of offshore investments to reduce his income taxes. That works out to $57,000 per day which is double what most Americans make in one year’s work. As the wife of a very, very, wealthy man Ann Romney doesn’t really work, let’s face it would you work with that kind of money rolling in each year? Not really. 

The couple did not report any wage earnings in 2010, no actually wages earned by work. 

The 2010 tax returns do not also reflect his net assets of 190 to 250 Million Dollars, his retirement account of 101.6 million dollars and his blind trust for his wife Ann Romney of 10 million dollars.

The Romney’s also pay a tiny, tiny portion of their income in payroll taxes, while working Americans pay 6% in Payroll taxes, the Romney’s paid only 1 percent. 

The Six Houses

Everyone knows it takes more than one woman to take care of six houses. We know that Mitt Romney doesn’t cut his own lawn, since he hired illegal immigrants to take care of his lawns during last year’s GOP debates that all came out.

The Romney’s enjoy six, huge, luxurious homes in well-healed neighborhoods complete with large rooms, large lot sizes, multiple cars and all in six different cities. Think logistics- think maintenance -think hired help.

The Hired Help for Ann Romney

On Romney’s tax returns for 2010 there appears a cost for wages for hired help for which the Romney’s only claim $20,603.00 in total.

That amount was paid to four different women. From Huffington Post the four women are: 


Rosania Costa             $ 4,808.00

Kelli Harrison              $ 8,667.00

Susan Moore              $ 3,338.00

Valerie Cravens Anae   $ 4,890.00

This could be the job creators platform that the Republicans keep touching on that the rich create jobs.

The jobs Mitt Romney created was divided amongst four women for domestic help for a total of $ 20,603.00 when his income was $27 million dollars. 

** This represents the total of annual salaries Mitt and Ann Romney paid for domestic household help which is according to staffing agencies a very low salary level. In Boston, the average hourly wage for a domestic housekeeper is anywhere from $20 to $30.00 per hour.

Based on an annual salary this would amount to $ 40 to $ 50,000 a year. Either the Romney’s pay meager salaries or they are doing housekeeping for six houses by themselves which is very doubtful. 

The Romney’s seem to pay their domestic help only half of the actual going rate for this help in their six homes, which means they are cheap employers.

Now, they could also be hiring outside agencies to clean and manage their homes which is also quite possible.

Curated News

NY Times- For Romneys – Friendly Code Reduces Taxes

Crooks and Liars- Ann Romney- I Know What It’s Like to Struggle

“Look, I know what it’s like to struggle,” Ann Romney

“As of 2010, the Romneys had five women listed as domestic help on their tax returns. The presidential candidate has often deployed his wife to help reassure women voters. He has even said that Ann “reports to me” about what women care about.”

The sad part of all of this is that yes, the Romney’s hired domestics but they underpaid them the value of their labor even on a multimillionaire income. So much for Job Creators!

She Works Hard for the Money- Donna Summer