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January 17, 2010                             The Politics of Corruption in Haiti

Governments in the Caribbean do not traditionally operate as a democracy and in the country of Haiti most often the government leaders become dictators.

The framework of government that is found in Haiti is that of a Prime Minister fashioned on the old British Parliamentary system where the power is vested in the government and there are two chambers in a national assembly. The government operates as an authoritarian system often without the will of the voters.


The infrastructure of Haiti has been demolished long before the earthquake days ago, there are no hospitals, no purification of water, no police, no government, no national crisis or emergency center, no fire departments, no system of order, no nothing in Haiti for years this country has been the victim of a corrupt series of leaders.

The funds that have been donated to Haiti have enabled it to become a viable country but today it depends totally on aid and relief.

Not one penny has been invested in infrastructure for the past twenty years other than a government palace which oddly enough was demolished in the earthquake. Prime Minister Preval is the current leader since 2008 he has been fending off riots over food prices.

Haiti has always depended on aid and its government has totally ignored it’s own self reliance and the population lives in mass poverty.  Haiti has 10,000 aid organizations that are totally disorganized and are functioning as government because there is no government presently of any value to the people.

Naturally there would be riots over food prices because all food must be shipped into the island and Haiti has one large failure in that it does not produce its own food supply.  This is a grave and dangerous policy that has developed over the past twenty years and has been the policy of its government dictators.

The previous leaders including Aristide had not invested in the economy of Haiti nor in agriculture policies to allow it’s own self sufficiency.  Instead these despot leaders have either horded the relief funds given to them or they have spend the money elsewhere.  Which could be the answer and the reason you see such carnage and death in Haiti today, because it was not prepared for a disaster on January 12, 2010.

The buildings that crumbled in Port au Prince were constructed with poor design and materials that cannot withstand an earthquake.

Political Corruption of Haiti

Haiti’s very own government is responsible and has caused its demise not the earthquake, and had the systems of an organized and civilized democracy been in place we would not see the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Haiti today.
In 2006 over five years ago Haiti was declared the most corrupt country in the world and its distinction as such has continued to exist for years.

You can blame Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted in 2004 as he was in power for three years and accomplished no investments in Haiti, no agriculture, no infrastructure, and no system of economics for the country to be self reliant. Aristide was a member of the clergy and was a pastor before he turned political and became a President.

If you look at the political history of Haiti you will see a series of leaders who have been compliant in corruption and they have allowed the country to deteriorate into its present state.

There was a distinct accusation of voter fraud in the year 2000 election and the opposition plus the United States believed it was fraud and there were irregularities in the election.

Previous Leaders of Haiti – A History of Corruption’ since 2000

Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Yvon Neptune
Gerard Latortue
Jacques-Edouard Alexis
Michele Pierre-Louis

There are other politicians than on this list who have contributed to the destruction of this country mostly a result of backstabbing politicians, who distrust each other and set out to overthrow the government no matter who is in power. It is an example of political decay and a self defeating purpose as well the greed for power between political parties and their leaders.

These leaders are responsible for the deaths in this earthquake and have destroyed what little democracy it had in the past which today is still non-existent.  Church personnel do not make good government policy and Haiti has had churches from foreign countries and religious groups that are ineffective in rescuing Haiti from being the ghetto of the Caribbean.  The wars between religion and the Haitian culture has also been a division and has created confusion with the people of Haiti.

In 2004 the Haiti’s rebelled and overtook the government after conflict arose and Aristide was thrown out and claims he was kidnapped by Latortue.

Besides all the corruption of these individuals the funds given to Haiti have been obviously squandered or stolen from the country’s people.  The money has not been invested as you can see on video tape of the broken rubble. It is evident that the people lack the basics of life which is clean water and food without waiting for days for food to be flown or shipped into the country.

This country needs billions of dollars for recovery and it is doubtful the US can pay this amount or foot the bill. Indeed if the US wishes to keep investing into a country that has a corrupt system of government -it will be a bottomless pit and a drain on the US economy.  The US must guarantee that the aid, the food, the water, the restructuring of this island which would be a fantasy, that funds will not go to its present government.

The USA aid that has poured into this country has been phenomenal and will reach a billion dollars very soon.  It would be a transformation if the donors would insist that this present government does not continue its path of corruption.  The United States has to follow democratic principals even in donating aid to a country who’s leaders have made relief money disappear.

It is well known that Europe had suspended government assistance to the government of Haiti and for years has not received help from the World Bank because of its government.

Incredibly Aristide in 2003 demanded that France pay Haiti 21 billion dollars for a payment Haiti made 200 years ago, to allow its break from France and become independent. France refused to entertain such as request and then refused to send peacekeeping forces to Haiti essentially abandoning the country.

Aid to Haiti is Squandered over the Years By Corrupt Leaders

After Aristide left in 2004 the United Nations sent in troops to keep the peace and today they cannot control the crowds to help get food and water to the people suffering.

The population is 80 percent unemployed when they could be developing farms and growing their own food, producing their own products and eliminate the need of imported handouts.

The untold deaths in the earthquake have been hidden by bulldozers and orders to burn the bodies, hiding the dead in open mass graves are based in a policy to  hide the corruption of this country and its inhumanity to its own people.  The US has been supporting and embracing a crime syndicate government in Haiti which is a place where the governments have stolen millions of dollars in financial assistance.

Quote from We Haitians

The words that will be summoned to describe Haiti as Aristide, who has gone to bed with Fusion, a U.S. telecommunications company, to increase his wealth are:

” burning alive political opponents, fraudulent elections, abject poverty, gross incompetence, and AIDS. Many members of his current de facto government who will become his Brutuses as no bad behavior, as usual, goes unrewarded. In the meantime, the majority of Haitians will continue to suffer, survive and wait in vain, in some dignity, for their quality of life to be improved and democracy to arrive.”

This disaster relief will no doubt fill the coffers of the government but very little will benefit the people of Haiti.

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