Politics and the Internets

Ever since you heard George W. Bush call it the internets it showed his lack of knowledge of how powerful a tool the internet is to politics.  After all it helped President Obama get elected and now Republican-Tea Party are going for it big time.  Also the latest news is who will control the internets and who’s content is being foolishly omitted from the search engines?  Government wants to control the internet and what content is visible and newspapers want to control their content – China wants to filter its content and if this trend keeps up we will have fewer and fewer freedoms that we now enjoy when surfing the internet.

It will become a controlled media and that is not what people want -the people want freedom to visit, digest and send their content out unencumbered by restrictions -that is ALL content not just what someone else determines we should see.

Big Brother Politics -The proximity between the internet and politics is very strong and within a year  the bond will be much stronger and more prominent. Now, if you check the previous days, you will find that political big brothers were reliant on the electronic media like television, radio and the powerful newspapers to get their own message across.  The government or whichever party is in power currently wants to get their specific “spun” message and the network media is only too happy to distort the news for ad revenue dollars.  There is a conflict of interest in Television media and it is primarily controlled by big money interests usually large corporations.

Bush Did Not Use the Internets-Obama Did Successfully

In newspapers, these social reformers felt free to express their views and opinions. The same thing is also applicable to the televisions and radio. There was no direct connection between the leaders and the general people. The mode social communication relies on the electronic media and newspapers. However the entry of the online service into the political arena has brought new changes and modification in the society.

There are many political leaders who prefer to use the internet to deliver their messages and information to make their supporters and people aware of the present situation. They reveal their own programs and agenda of their respective parties through a number of social networks online. They have their own sites and these sites are loaded with current data and information about the mission of their parties. The internet has now become the most powerful weapon of the election campaigning and mass communication.

People sitting at home can browse the internet to collect the updated information about their legislative members or any leader of the political wing. To be brief, leaders are now very comfortable to reach the million supporters through the internet. It is very good news for you as you are confined to bed for a long time for illness but you will be able to know many things about the present political imbroglio just probing in the different online sites.

There is no necessity to wait overnight and then in the next morning to collect a newspaper for reading the main headlines. You don’t have to wait to listen to the various news programs by switching on radios and television sets for the collection of the information about the present election or anything in regards to the political atmosphere in the world. At any point of time you can get the up to date information from the internet by searching the sites online.

Lastly, due to the flexibility and easy accessibility to the internet, the political big brothers can feel the pulse rates of general people by reading the online reviews and feedback given by different persons through online service. I think in future, people will have full authority to cast votes from homes without going to the election booths for pressing the electronic buttons.

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