Political Puppets

Political Puppets

We all know that politicians are puppets for special interest groups, the same groups that pull their strings, order them to pass certain legislation and we are aware this happens in both political parties.

The upcoming election will cost money, already millions of dollars are being wasted by each candidate one so far on the Democrat side, and 10 or so on the Republican side, ultimately costing the winner about One Billion Dollars to Be elected President.  Millions of Americans don’t want corporate influenced donations that have strings, but ultimately they all do. 

The influence money comes from the billionaires like The Koch Brothers who funded Scott Walker’s assault on Wisconsin, special interest groups and even shell companies formed to donate one million dollars to Mitt Romney’s campaign. If the candidate wins, he is beholding to his puppet master, must perform on demand, must ensure legislation favoring the puppet master are passed (namely destroying the EPA for the Koch Bros) and must pay the piper.

The Michelle Bachmann campaign has accepted donations from the Koch Bros and is now stating she would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, calling it a job killer. 

In actual fact, Green Energy is a new sector that offers mega jobs to clean up the environment and can be funded by fines against polluters, big fines. The puppets do as they are told.

Politicol PuppetsPoliticol Puppets




Political PuppetsPhoto: Political Puppets by Donkey Hotey

Media Political Sock Puppets

Today, the term Sock Puppets refers to the media that regurgitate whatever corporations pay them to say or promote, for the ad revenues that keep the networks alive. This goes for newspapers like Rupert Murdoch and his television news properties like Fox News or the major TV networks like NBC, CNN, CBS or ABC news networks. The billionaire Koch Bros also influence news reports, as well as Rupert Murdoch who’s Fox News channel makes up the news with faked inaccurate and unsubstantiated reporting, that’s why its called Faux News.

Political Puppet Governments

Also we know that in the Middle East for example, the United States has been funding puppet governments in all major countries including brutal dictators who killed or imprisoned their opposition parties.

We only have to look at Hosni Mubarak from Egypt, that received 2 billion dollars a year in foreign aid as it was called from the United States. The money was a pay off  to continue his brutality against his own people, much of which he put in his own personal bank account. Shortly after Anwar Sadat was assassinated 30 years ago, 30 billion dollars of platinum appeared in a Swiss Bank account in Mubarak’s name. The puppet governments of Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and the Arab world all tie into puppet governments for those who are really in authority.

 Commander in Chief -Political Puppets

We have to question why the last two Presidents are part of the military industrial complex which profits from wars. The MIC is a concept that goes back to Eisenhower days that ties in the: armed forces, legislators and the industrial sector that makes military products, bombs, guns, uniforms the whole ball of wax.

The relationship includes political campaign donations in exchange for military defense spending, lobbyists for war, and the oversight of the industry that provides the tools for war. The corners of the puppet government are: Congress, The President and the Pentagon

President Obama made campaign promises that he has yet to live up to including ending the massive debt from wars in the middle east. 

Who does President Obama really answer to, why did George Bush invade Iraq was it for the oil, and who is pulling their strings? Questions we will assume will never be answered.   We know that wars made a tremendous amount of revenue for certain industries like the security firms such as Xe Security then called Blackwater USA.

By 2010, President Obama gave this firm a quarter of a billion dollar contract to work in Afghanistan for the US State Dept and the CIA. Political Puppets continue to work with the same people who are really pulling the strings on their government policies.

A 250 million dollar contract for what? This firm violated the law and had to pay a 42 million dollar fine for providing armaments and military equipment overseas. 1 Wiki

In the NY Times the violations were reported in 2010 as: making exports to Afghanistan of illegal weapons, unauthorized training and Taiwanese sniper training. The reported fine was given in order to protect Blackwater from criminal prosecution.The firm was also exonerated in the 2007 shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians in Bagdad, for which the Iraqi’s filed a lawsuit. 

Although, Blackwater has changed their name to XE (ZEE) Services based in Moyock, North Carolina it still is a global based security company, with Ted Wright as its Chief Executive. Ted Wright was also an executive at KBR Inc., a military contractor based in Houston.

The sad truth is that puppet governments, have been running the United States for decades and voters are getting sick and tired of it. 

Either campaign donations from the public must be completely abolished and politicians would live on a set budget of government campaign funds or the corruption will continue to decay our democracy.

Politicians should all take regular buses, stay at Motel 8 for overnight stays, they can eat at McDonald’s for their meals and be put on a strict budget.

No more wining and dining by lobbyists who would also be abolished, no campaign dinners at $ 22,000.00 per plate.  No third parties should be influencing government policy except the people who voted them in, after all it is the voters business that the government is doing.

We can always boycott the influence peddlers and demand a clear accounting of all funding going to a politician but thanks to the SCOTUS a corporation now has human rights.

The Supremely Corrupted of The United States has made crime possible, has created a culture of debauchery and bribery legal. But then again the Supreme Court is also a puppet court working for the billionaire Koch Bros and others who are paying them for trips, expenses, gifts and unknown sums of money going to foreign bank accounts.

Nice business this puppeteering business isn’t it?

The following video is a real puppet show, which isn’t a far cry for what is happening in Washington these days.

The breach of Trust has reached the boiling over point however, the public is at the point of extreme anger and only time will tell where this exploitation of our government will lead. 

Just think that after the election in November 2012, a few billion dollars of influence money will have been spent, and we will have a new President-Courtesy of the Puppet Masters.