Political Ads of 2011 Roundup

Political Ads of 2011 Roundup

The worst and most dishonest ads of the year, 2011 had its share of attack ads on the political scene.

Number 1: Rick Perry- Religulousness

In this ad, Rick Perry accuses President Obama of not allowing children to pray in school which is simply untrue. He claims to be a religious kinda guy in a BrokeBack Mountain jacket in this folksy kinda Texas drawl.

Political Ads of 2011 Roundup

The facts are: Rick Perry actually forced teenage girls to be vaccinated with a deadly, untested Gardasil vaccine, that has killed many a young girl. The fact is, Rick Perry will sell out your kids, for campaign money to further his career.

Number 2: Mitt Romney’s Bump in the Road

In this ad, misleading as it is, Mitt Romney claims that all the unemployment since the 2008 Wrecking Crew by the Wall Street Banks, is Obama’s fault. All of it.
What Romney fails to mention in his bumpy road to the White House is that Romney killed jobs by taking over companies, running up debt, then gutted them including the workers. Then, he outsourced those jobs to China. Romney is to be feared, yes if he wins be very afraid of what he could to to this country by gutting it for his corporate friends on Wall Street. Wall Street is funneling cash to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Ron Paul’s Jab at Newt Gingrich- Hypocrite

A real question of values, “the politicians who took profits” and does a hatchet job on Gingrich’s flip flops, backtracks, supporting climate change, and supporting an individual health care mandate.

The ad portrays Newt Gingrich as a Washington insider, who took money from both sides of an issue, if you paid him enough- he’s going to say anything you want.  Gingrich made a few million as a consultant for Fannie Mae -Freddie Mac as a consultant, after the 2008 meltdown and they still went broke.



Rick Perry Ron Paul- Get your Finger out of My Face

Then there were the funny moments in the never ending debates that bored us to tears for months! There was this “pointing of the finger in Ron Paul’s face, by a very drugged up or drunken Rick Perry. Reminds you of the Godfather movie.

Herman Cain- I am America

The cutesy ad from the campaign manager with a cigarette in his mouth, on a Herman Cain ad that raised eyebrows.
Turns out Herman Cain’s campaing should have been:

I am a Sexual Harasser