Police Taser of Pregnant Woman Goes to Court

Taser guns cause death of grown healthy men but a case where a pregnant woman with her 11 year old child in Seattle who was pulled over for speeding calls for justice.  Malaika Brooks was heading to drive her son to school when a police officer pulled her over for going 32 mph in a 20 mph zone. 

Ms. Brooks accepted the ticket but when the police officer made her sign it she refused. The law does not state that a driver must sign a ticket which is an admission of guilt at the time of the offense. The law in Washington like many others allows the driver time to decide their plea.  When Brooks refused, the officer called his sergeant who then wrongly told him to arrest her on the spot.

She refused to get out of the car, when the officer Juan M. Ornelas threatened her with his taser gun. By this time there were three officers outside of her car, and her son was still in the car, most likely traumatized by the pending attack.  Ms. Brooks told the officers she was pregnant and due in two months, but this did not stop them, when one said “Well don’t do it in her stomach”. “Do ti in her thigh”. 

The officer Ornealas, then twisted her arm behind her back, and tasered her left leg, as she was in pain she honked the horn.  Again she was tasered and put it to her neck this time. People have died of heart attacks after being tasered by police.

The officers then dragged her into the street face down on her stomach, and cuffed her. Later she gave birth to a baby girl, remarkably who was born unharmed but she sued the police for the pain and scars they inflicted upon her. Brooks was still convicted of refusing to sign the ticket, but not of resisting arrest.

Police Taser of Pregnant Woman Goes to Court

Maliaka Brooks- and her baby – Does any woman need to get tasered by three cops? Only in Seattle, Washington

A court decision in the US 9th Court of Appeals considered the case and ruled the officers although they had used excessive force, and put the police force on notice that tasers used in this manner violated constitutional laws. In a 50 – 50 decision, the officers won the Court of Appeals which is a 10 member panel, and that the officers could not be sued because the law was not crystal clear in 2004. A likely excuse. 

The officers are appealing the ruling and attempting to clear their names.  Michael F. Williams the attorney for Ms. Brooks said “the officers are trying to defend inexcusable conduct” “they inflicted enormous pain on a woman who was especially vulnerable over what was essentially a traffic violation”.

The case continues through the courts. It appears the Seattle police determined that pregnant women would cause them bodily harm by refusing to sign a traffic violation, they are so deathly afraid of them.  This is a case of excessive stupidity, excessive force and police officers that need to be fired. Tasers are used by police in most states only if any threat to their own lives is present, hardly a defense for such police brutality and plainly cop stupidity. 

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