PM Harper Makes Deal with China Hacker Co. banned by USA

PM Harper Makes Deal with China Hacker Co. Banned by USA  

The conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has made huge deals with a Chinese firm that has been reported to hack into the intellectual property of the United States.

A recent trip to China by the Canadian Prime Minister was to initial even more trade deficits with China that today stand at an unbalanced system of trade. Canada imports 3 times as much product from China than it sells to China, creating a huge influx of Chinese goods that most Canadians do not want to buy. Poor planning on the part of Harper to also endanger the security of the United States their greatest trading partner.

Stephen Harper’s dealing with China do not create jobs, but open the country to what some call a Trojan Horse with an open door to US and Canada’s technology secrets, which China currently lacks. 

The company called Huawei Corporation denies that the company is conducting spying espionage on US intellectual property, stealing through hacking into US, Canada and other countries for trade secrets. Michelle K. Van Cleave advised that Canada is taking great risk with allowing Huawei to operate within its borders and setting up shop. The United States and Australia have blocked this company from any projects in their countries, regarding it as a security threat. 

The Huawei Corporation calls itself a global information technology company and operates a research and development office in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, Montreal and in Edmonton.

The Huawei corporation only employs only 380 people in Canada, with customers including Bell Canada, Telus, Wind Mobile and is a privately owned company.

Harper Makes Insecure Deals with China Firm

The reports from US Intelligence advisors dating back five years indicate Huawei is a threat to “military and intelligence objectives” and Canada’s intelligence community also warned it was a open door to Canada’s own security.

Harper calls himself “honored” to sign huge contracts with two major players in Canada’s technology field. One company, Telus just signed a 250 million dollar contract with the Canadian military for secure communications which is a terrible move. 

Ontario Gives Grants-Free Money to Chinese Companies

Even though Huawei posted earnings of 32 billion dollars in 2011, the company has integrated itself with Canadian technology giants and actually received a 6.5 million dollar Grant from the Ontario government of taxpayers money.

More News: CBC Reporter Greg Weston, National Affairs Specialist

Chinese Firm’s Canadian Contracts Raise Security Fears  

“In an exclusive interview in Washington, Michelle K. Van Cleave told CBC News the involvement of Huawei Technologies in Canadian telecom networks risks turning the information highway into a freeway for Chinese espionage against both the U.S. and Canada.” While the USA passes bills to control the internet such as SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and CISPA, Canada is opening the door to threats from the real hacking that goes on in China on intellectual property and military secrets.  Nice work Canada, Eh?