Pilot of Flight 370 Simulator and Deleted Files

Mar. 19, 2014 Some updates from the FBI who are combing through the captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, of his flight simulator computer found at his home. The records were deleted Feb 3rd and could reveal some important relevant data as to why the plane has disappeared into thin air.


Photo:  SC -Pilot Shah’s you tube video with his at home flight simulator

The fact that the pilot Mr. Shah deleted files could also be considered normal if they do not reveal more details of what he was doing with a flight simulator in his own home.

There are only about 20 days left in the life of the responder that was on board if they find the jet in time and the responder is still enact and readable.

a search area

Photo SC: Search Area of Flight 370 both north and south.

The jet is either on the ground somewhere or in the water somewhere, either crashed or in one piece, with out without survivors.

Investigators are looking for any leads of any other flight paths the pilot created on his home simulator. The 239 passengers on board since March 8th have not used cell phones, have not sent texts and there has been no claim by terrorists that this was a hijacked plane.

Searchers are concentrating on a wide span of the Indian Ocean, the country of Australia is searching in their vicinity for any signs of the craft or any debris indicating a crash.

The jet was definitely sabotaged by reprogramming the flight path computer, the turned off responders and communication systems were all done by human intervention.

China has searched its own network of satellites for any sign of a plane without a responder pinging but so far have come up empty handed.

Airports Tighten Security and Tracking of Flights

Around the world airport security has now been heightened and possibly new methods of tracking all jet airliners by way of responders that cannot be turned off are being developed.

This must never happen again and it is impossible to believe it did happen, a whole jet flight and its destination completely vanished. It would take some highly skilled engineer pilot(s) to pull off this diversion of a jet from a computer programmed flightpath.

In this day and age of highly technical NSA programs, satellites in space, highly sophisticated radar there is no excuse for losing a plane load of passengers and a huge 777 Boeing jet liner.

Families are losing patience with the lack of information and co-operation from the Malaysia government and Malaysia Airline who have sent out misleading and unverified news announcements on the search for Flight 370.

The Malaysian government tracked Flight 370 on March 8th to the Strait of Malacca and then nothing else has been released as far as the last known location.

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