Pfizer Vaccines Kill 4 Children in Japan

Pfizer Vaccines Kill 4 Children in Japan

Updated March 8, 2011 2:00 p.m.

More articles on Pfizer-4 Children Died after Receiving Pfizer-Sanofi-Aventis Vaccines for Pneumonia Meningitis appeared since yesterday’s announcements.

Pfizer Vaccines Kill 4 Children in Japan which prompted the Japanese government to halt all vaccines given to children.  It is obvious to even the non-expert consumer that these vaccines cannot be given to children without thorough testing on animals first. 

The Japanese government has every right and is prudent in doing so to protect its children and adults from the side effects of these vaccines.

It is unconscionable in today’s modern world to not expect ALL vaccines to be safe and not kill children however this is not the case due to the United States agency known as the FDA -Food and Drug Adminstration’s collusion with drug companies. 

This is not only against the law but the US government under President Obama is continuing to allow these vaccines to go untested and unproven.  Obama has many political contributions from Pharmaceuticals for his 2012 Presidential campaign and he has been well paid for to allow drugs to be sold, promoted and a kickback system with doctors who give vaccines and drugs.

It is a corrupted system who’s day’s have come to demand regulations on pharmas take place immediately not tomorrow.  The FDA hires ex-drug company executives and many who sit on the approval panels still work for drug companies. This is entirely a criminal, corrupt operation and Americans are demanding change now.

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March 7, 2011  Pfizer Vaccines kill four children in Japan

Japan has halted vaccines for pneumonia and meningitis in that country made by Pfizer Inc from the United States and Sanofi Aventis of France for brand name vaccines Prevenar and ACTHIB respectively.

The four children who died were only ages six months old to only two years old who received vaccines on March 2 to March 4, 2011.

Vaccines have been implicated in many deaths of perfectly healthy children, babies, adults and elderly adults through the past two decades.  Testing for vaccines is hardly indicative of their safety and governments tend to take the drug companies word for the safety of their own products. During the H1N1 swine flu vaccines of 2010 numerous people got sick and pregnant mothers lost their fetuses after being injected with the H1N1 Vaccine and yet the US government has completed no investigations into the deaths.



The fact that drug companies do not guarantee the safety of their products that are injected into new born babies or any human of any age for that matter is not an intelligent practice of government policies. 

Firstly a vaccine must be totally safe in all instances and excuses that it was a “bad batch” is hardly good enough for these large pharmaceuticals to stay in operation.

Parents are forced in the United States to inject their children with a high number of vaccinations before they are allowed into schools.  The policy of the US government is to allow a system where pharmaceuticals monitor, check and test their own products which is a license to print money and cause death of thousands of consumers.

The vaccines are supposedly preventing disease and are assuredly not designed to cause death however the public take a huge gamble with allowing their children to be vaccinated by untested and unregulated vaccines and drugs.

Pfizer Vaccines Kill 4 Children in JapanPrevenar killed four Japanese children, one was only 6 months old.

As of March 1, 2011 Pfizer the largest pharmaceutical company in the world has announced it is shrinking its drug pipeline of 118 drugs and vaccines it is now producing for profit.  The drug company claims cuts in research and development have shelved 15 drugs they have in development.

The company quoted in the Daily Finance said it is “prioritizing its research and development efforts in areas with the greatest scientific and commercial promise : immunology, inflammation and vaccines”.

Pfizer Vaccines Kill 4 Children in Japan

Prevenar Banned in Japan



Vaccines are highly profitable for drug companies since there are so many of them forced onto the public namely from a silent group called children.

Children do not have much say in what is given to them and this is an open market for deception in the lack of testing and the trustworthiness of companies such as Pfizer.

The term “pipeline” is used in the drug trade for it refers to profits and enormous profits at that are made from vaccines and diseases.

Anyone who actually believes Pfizer’s drugs do anything but harm is a gullible fool and the drugs just keep getting pumped out into the “pipeline of death” for many Americans.

Pfizer is dedicated to making profits for shareholders not the safety of consumers. This has been proven time and again for the last 20 years.

Pfizer has been the subject of many lawsuits including one from their own employee Becky McClain who claims she was paralyzed by a virus while working in a Pfizer laboratory. In her statement Beck McClain indicates she was exposed to a genetically engineered mutation called the lentivirus which is a similar virus to the AIDS virus.

Many legal experts are kept an eye on this lawsuit as the implications are that if one can be infected working with these viruses in a lab then exposure to others is highly probably and work place safety is a legal requirement in highly dangerous fields.

The worst part is giving a known reckless corporation like Pfizer the ability to manipulate and possibly infecting the world with mutations is more than a scary thought.

For the public’s safety the world has the right to know how tightly regulated is Pfizer and what are they doing with highly dangerous genetic material that could infect millions of people.

Pfizer fired their employee Becky McClain for making a claim and she was thwarted in the legal system at every turn.

The FDA or any other government agency has not investigated Becky McClain’s case nor have they requested a full audit and inspection of the facilities of Pfizer pharmaceuticals.

Although the Federal government has their money in fines and settlements which are far too numerous to mention here, Pfizer remains free to unleash more unsafe products on their employees and the public.

This is a long, long, long laundry list of complaints, lawsuits and criminal activity in a high profile corporation like Pfizer, that does business for profitable gains in a ruthless and deadly manner.

In Nigeria Pfizer circumvented the law and conducted experiments on black children who lived in poorer villages with a drug called Trovan and they did not have authority to do these drug tests or government approval.

Out of 200 children the anti-biotic Trovan caused the death of 11 children and the rest of the 200 were sicken with the side effects of Pfizer’s product.

A small settlement was offered to the Nigerian government but not to the victims families or injured children, and for ten years the corporation tied it up in court, denying, delaying and obstructing justice as long as possible.  The drug was also used in the United States and lawsuits followed as this drug was still a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

In another case Pfizer continued to target black kidney transplant patients in the United States.  In using illegal tactics Pfizer marketed a drug called Rapamune for other uses than it was approved for against FDA regulations.

Two large notorious drug companies Pfizer-Wyeth  amalgamated into a larger corporation and continue to disregarded patient safety, FDA regulations and the law for a buck.

Pfizer plead guilty to criminal charges in this case which also involved payoffs or kickbacks  of 7 million dollars to doctors and hospitals to promote their drugs.

People call that a corrupt system. In this system every time Pfizer is taken to court the US government keeps the fines and settlement payments secret and keeps the money.

Some people call that a corrupt system too.

Pfizer also over billed Medicare, Medicaid and made fraudulent claims about their products.

Some people call that a corrupted corporation that survives only to make more profit, injure more people, break more laws and earn billions of dollars in the process.

The black transplant patients paid from $ 8,000 to $ 20,000 a year for the drugs.

Pfizer profits by the day, and now four more Japanese children including a six month old baby are dead.

Some people call that reprehensible and deserving of the major CEO’s to do some jail time.

It is only in recent years that drug companies have come up with “No Drug is Safe” a line used when someone is injured by a drug or vaccine as if it is inevitable or a crap shoot if you wind up dead or deformed.

Drugs and vaccines cannot be handed out like candy with a caveat of ” no drug is safe” and expect to be cleared of legal charges.  But yes, drug companies in the United States cannot be sued for damages due to vaccines. 

Only in the United States would a system of government and a justice system on top of that stack the deck against the public and favor their campaign donors.

Updated: September 3, 2011

This report was in the news just before Japan’s major earthquake which happened on March 11, 2011. The Japan government now has more damages from the explosion of six nuclear plants in Fukushima. The radiation from those explosions will cause more cancer and makes these vaccines even more intolerable.