Pfizer Fights Breast Cancer Survivors in Court-2010

Updated Feb. 26, 2011

In 2002 the National Institute of Health conducted a study of HRT drugs with 16,000 women until July when they halted the study due to alarming results.

HRT Drugs and Breast Cancer Photo: HRT – This is a breast cancer double mastectomy, many women prescribed HRT drugs ended up with no breasts, or partial mastectomies.

The NIH found that too many women in their study developed breast cancer while undergoing the study and taking HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy. The drug is a combination of estrogen and progesterone taken daily by menopausal women. 

The study was stopped and the medical world was turned on its ear in disbelief that the drug they were prescribing to women as the “Wonder Drug” for aging had turned into a nightmare for thousands of women who contracted cancer instead. 

The drug was purposefully marketed throughout the world, from the USA to Canada, Europe, and globally the drug company Wyeth reaped in billions of dollars in profits for a decade.

Learn to Live Without Breasts- HRT Drugs and Breast Cancer

No Human Trials of Animal Estrogen HRT Was Ever Performed

In 1983 the FDA requested Wyeth to do human trials on hormone replacement drugs, but Wyeth refused to furnish those studies and they did this for a reason. Wyeth refused to do studies on their own drugs to prove them safe for menopausal women and this alone required investigation by the FDA. 

Why did Wyeth refuse this request from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?   Documents shown in this video indicated that Wyeth refused because “the results could be embarrassing”.

No Standard Doses of HRT Pills- FDA Recalled Hormone Replacement Drugs

In the mid-nineties the FDA also requested that Wyeth standardize the pills since there was a mixture of estrogen and progesterone in varying quantities in each pill which was against FDA regulations. 

Since the estrogen used by Wyeth was obtained by horse’s urine it is an animal estrogen given to a menopausal woman.  Wyeth could not guarantee that from one day to the next, a women would get various amounts of the estrogen combined with progesterone and thus they broke regulations on unified and equal amounts of a drug in each pill which is called standardization. This is an FDA law, and Wyeth broke this law for a decade or more, selling unstandardized doses of HRT Premarin/ Prempro drugs.

At this time, the FDA demanded Wyeth pull the drugs off the market but this was only a temporary occurrence and later the Wyeth continued to push their drugs onto an unsuspecting market of middle age women.

The advertisements and promotion of the the HRT drug line were overboard on the claims the drug maker stated in their literature.  The doctors were pumped with false information on the benefits of HRT drugs and major advertising dollars were spent to promote the drug in women’s magazines.  Television ads, radio, newspapers and magazines all carried the benefits of HRT drugs. 

In drug stores, doctors offices and medical clinics everywhere were brochures exclaiming the drug Premarin or Prempro as the miracle anti-aging drug against menopausal symptoms.  The ads revealed some celebrity actresses who were paid to promote the drug on television commercials or other actors were hired.

In the decade of the 1990’s the height of the HRT movement by the pharmaceutical Wyeth they reaped in billions in profits and their stock price soared from HRT estrogen sales.

The claims were that HRT Premarin or Prempro would benefit menopausal women by:

Reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Reducing the risk of osteo-arthritis.

Reducing wrinkles and the aging process.

Reduce hot flashes

The drug was just too good to be true and the information given to doctors who were passing out free samples like candy was just too good to resist for an older woman.  This drug was just made for older women who may have been vulnerable going through menopause which affects the way a woman accepts aging and the onset of the golden years.

False Claims by Drug Companies of HRT Drugs

The fairy tale benefits turned out to be all fraudulent claims by Wyeth.  In fact the drug caused heart attack, strokes, blood clots and breast cancers in women which was the direct opposite of the health benefits claimed by Wyeth.

After the NIH stopped their studies, experts took a good look at the health claims by the pharmaceutical Wyeth Corporation which has since been bought out with billions of dollars by the greater drug giant Pfizer.

Pfizer continues today 8 years later to fight each and every women in court spending millions in legal fees to their team of lawyers defending their right to sell a cancer causing drug.

Pfizer Wyeth Continue to Delays Court Cases from Breast Cancer Survivors

Pfizer and Wyeth continue to delay court cases believing some of the plaintiffs will die off before they get their day in court.  The delay tactics are just as unconscionable as their manufacturing a dangerous, deadly drug and without testing unleashed it on an unsuspecting group of women.

The fight continues between breast cancer survivors and the giant Pfizer where thousands of cases are being withheld from the courts and women continue to suffer the damage to their lives.

Not only was the damage physical with mastectomies, partial removals of breast, chemotherapy treatments, radiation and medical costs but the emotional damage to these women remains deeper than their scars.

Their maimed breasts are reminders of Wyeth and Pfizer who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and refuse to compensate in some way for the deaths they caused with their products. Pfizer and Wyeth both refusing to give up the billions of dollars earned by giving women cancer and causing deaths, injury and leaving a wake of destroyed families with broken hearts.

Many women have died of breast cancer, those families lost mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters to Premarin and Prempro.  Their deaths will be on the conscious of the CEO’s at Pfizer and Wyeth the two most monstrous pharma’s in the United States.

CEO of Pfizer – Jeffrey Kindler

CEO Jeffry Kindler Fights Women with Cancer-in the Courtroom

This would include Pfizer’s current CEO Jeffrey Kindler the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer who has been at the helm since 2002 of the largest biopharma in the world.   On their website the Pfizer corporate page of  ” Who we are and what we stand for” is appropriately all about the profits they make on sick and dying menopausal women with cancer thanks to their drugs.

Kindler also serves on the board at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and also worked for McDonalds.

Kindler Pfizer CEO-from McDonalds to fighting Breast Cancer Survivors
Kindler Pfizer CEO-from McDonalds to fighting Breast Cancer Survivors

Followed by the Vice President- Chief Financial Officer  Frank D’Amelio who came from Alcatel-Lucent Technologies.


Then there is Mikael Dolsten a doctor who is in research and development and was the Senior Vice President at Wyeth Inc.

Dr. Michael Dolsten, shown in the photo,  stands by HRT drugs that caused death amongst menopausal women using the most deadly form of estrogen, known to cause breast cancer from horse’s urine. He is the head of Research and Development at Pfizer Inc.

These are the head officials at Pfizer who have the audacity, nerve, greed and unethical morals of corporate interests of Pfizer who keep producing drugs that kill people.

The HRT drugs targeted menopausal women with claims that were never substantiated, never proven to work and never tested for causing breast cancer.  These are the men responsible for fighting against women breast cancer survivors many whom have died and many who still live and are not accepting responsibility for their deadly HRT drugs.Pfizer and Wyeth made billions of dollars on an untested drug Hormone Replacement Therapy, in a reckless profit making drug, falsely advertised as “safe”.



Pfizer Continues to profit from HRT drugs it has convinced governments to keep on the shelves, even though millions of women have contracted Breast Cancer from the drug.

You have to wonder how these men sleep at night?

Do they not have wives, sisters and mothers and families? 

Do their families know what they are doing to cancer victims?

Apparently they sleep quite well it seems as these are the men responsible for fighting breast cancer survivors in the courts, tying them up for years until they are dead or give up their fight.

These are the men who are spine less and do not accept their responsibility in spreading breast cancer to perfectly healthy women.  These are the typical CEO’s of corporations that exemplifies all that is wrong with America today where greed, profits and mansions take the place of decency, honor and ethics.

Drugs that Cause Breast Cancer-HRT Drugs Made by Wyeth Inc., and Pfizer Pharma

After all is said and done Wyeth and Pfizer have yet to prove their estrogen was the right kind of estrogen and there are no studies on the type of estrogen used in HRT drugs is safe.

There are five different types of estrogen one that protects against breast cancer and one that causes breast cancer, Pfizer chose to use the one that causes breast cancer.

The HRT Premarin Story -The Lies they Told Women to Sell Drugs that Cause Cancer

Using Animal Estrogens without Testing on Menopausal Women made from Urine was a Science Experiment For Profit

For More Information on Lawsuits Against Pfizer- Wyeth Drug Corporations


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Wyeth Lawsuits on Premarin

Federal Preemption Argument Defeated

A Texas appeals court recently ruled that Brockert’s claim is not preempted, or blocked, by federal laws regarding drug labeling. In doing so, the court overturned a February 2007 court ruling which had barred her claim.

As many as 5,000 of similar lawsuits alleging injuries from Prempro and Premarin have been in legal limbo for more than a year while the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the issue of federal preemption as it applies to the labeling of drugs that have earned Food and Drug Administration approvals.

Wyeth Lawsuits on Prempro

“They knew back in the 1970s that these drugs had the potential to cause breast cancer, so they didn’t have the studies done,” said Esther Berezofsky, one of Barton’s lawyers. “When bad study results came out, Wyeth consistently downplayed the results, tried to discredit the results, tried to neutralize the critics.”

Wyeth Lawsuits on Premphase

Side effects of Premphase: Premphase (Generic: Conjugated estrogens and Medroxyprogesterone acetate) has been linked to the following side effects: dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, lupus and breast cancer. Premphase is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescribed for menopause symptoms.

Wyeth Lawsuits on Prempac

Information specific to: Prempak-C 0.625mg tablets when used in Osteoporosis (after menopause).

  • bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods – this may happen within the first few months of starting treatment with Prempak-C or if you forget to take your tablet. If this continues to happen once Prempak-C has been taken for some time or after Prempak-C has been stopped you must seek medical advice
  • breast cancer
  • breast pain, tenderness, enlargement or discharge
  • cervical problems
  • changes in libido
  • changes to weight
  • chloasma
  • cramps in the legs

Weyth Lawsuits on Premelle

“Manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the Premarin family of HRT products, including Prempro, Premphase, Prempac and Premelle, is made from the urine of pregnant horses (PREgnantMAResuRINe). It’s the only menopausal medication made with animal-derived hormones, delivered in the form called conjugated equine estrogens (CEEs).”

NOTE TO CONSUMERS: Wyeth drugs used animal estrogen from horses in human drug application and the type of estrogen used causes cancer. They continue to defend this in courts across the US to this day, years after the proof came out that these two drug companies knew exactly what they were doing to menopausal women.

HRT Cases against Wyeth Pfizer Pharma for deadly HRT Drugs caused Breast Cancer

Wyeth Hired Ghostwriters to Fake the Data on Their HRT Drugs


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