Petition for DOJ to Investigate Romney Family Ownership of Voting Machines

Oct. 24, 2012 It is only 13 days until the General Election and a petition has been sent to US Attorney General to investigate one candidate’s former company and his own son’s ownership of national electronic voting machines.

The machines in question are HART Intercivic electronic or e-voting machines which have a poor record of mistakes, errors in the count and can be easily tampered or manipulated. The vulnerabilities of these machines are so open that a hacker can alter the results by remote control from a distance away.

Memory cards can gain access to the voting data and the quality control tests performed on HART machines proved they failed to meet all 12 of the best practices criteria.

Yet, major swing states will all be using these machines on election night and with the flip of a switch -the election results can be fraudulently and criminally altered.


HART Intercivic Voting Machines will be used in the 12 Key States, including: Ohio, Colorado and many other states that will be voting in just 13 days.

It is unknown at this late date,  if these machines were even certified by a federal authorities or even state authorities as to their quality in counting the vote.

quote: The US Election Assistance Commission has assumed federal responsibility for accrediting voting system test laboratories and certifying voting equipment through the Voting System Certification & Laboratory Accreditation Program.

Tagg Romney, Mitt Romney’s son has invested in a voting machines company called: HART Intercivic which will be operating in this election just last year.

This company is owned and invested in by Bain Capital and Solamere Capital both owned by Mitt and Tagg Romney respectively and another company called HIG and this all is a direct conflict of interest.

The investment was made in 2011, and was no coincidence leading up to the 2012 Election and has ties to HIG Capital that are one of Mitt Romney’s biggest donors to his campaign, according to Open Secrets. org

The ease at which these machines can be hacked, manipulated even by remote control is alarming the public and the media has ignored this very opportunistic ownership of the machines by one republican candidate and his family.

Here is the Petition to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice:

Call on AG Holder to investigate allegations that Romney family has ties to voting machine company Hart Intercivic.

It has been reported in numerous mainstream media outlets, including Forbes, that Mitt Romney and his family members have ties to a company, Hart Intercivic, who makes voting machines that are being used in the current Presidential race in many swing states.

In light of recent GOP-related voter fraud events, and in the interest of the sanctity of the American electoral process, we urge you to call for an immediate investigation by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office into these allegations and to make public the details of what is being done to assure American voters that their votes truly mean something.

If this investigation does turn out to be true, in light of Mitt Romney’s less-than-truthful debate performances, we urge that immediate impeachment steps be taken by Congress.

Created: Oct 21, 2012
Due to the lack of coverage in network media about these facts and the convoluted web of the Romney family, Bain Capital, HIG, HART Intercivic machines the ownership of the machines should never be allowed even at arm’s length.
The possibility of a tainted election is very real given these facts, and the Department of Justice has a duty to monitor, investigate, surveil and stop any election fraud that could switch millions of votes by the turn of a switch.
In 2004, the abnormal difference between the Exit Polls that showed Sen. John Kerry leading George Bush all day and the final vote count, especially in Ohio a key state,  was determined to be changed after midnight.
The servers that handed the count were conducted in Tennessee, and were the same servers that held Karl Rove’s emails.