Pennsylvania Elections Official Will Not Enforce ID Law

The Pennsylvania Inspector of Elections will not enforce Pennsylvania’s new enforcement laws requiring voters to produce ID, since there is no voter fraud.

Christopher Broach, a Democrat and the inspector of elections stationed in Colwyn, Pennsylvania said: “To ask me to enforce something that violates civil rights is ludicrous and absolutely something I am not willing to do” the told the Philly Inquirer. 

The statistics are on his side in that if the voter ID law is enforced almost half of Pennsylvania’s voters WILL NOT BE able to vote and the law is a discriminatory law designed to suppress the voters rights. 

Even Though the Governor of Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Corbett did not know what type of ID were acceptable under a law he signed with his own pen, it appears republicans are tampering with elections which is a criminal offense. 

The new law is currently under a federal investigation by the Department of Justice for the discriminatory practice. The ID law puts undue hardship on those who do not drive, the elderly, and the youth vote.

One case is of 93 year old Viviette Applewhite who never drove a car in her life, and lost her social security card when her purse was stolen.  The state lawmakers also confessed they have no examples of voter fraud in their investigations, although they claim 750,000 citizens may not have the right to vote in November, almost one million people.

About a quarter of a million of these voters are black, live in Philadelphia and will not be able to vote, nicely excluding a usual democrat vote for the republicans.  The claim that voter fraud is rampant by the GOP is a sham, but nine states have enacted new laws to make voting a burdensome trial so that voters won’t bother come November.

This election is predicted to be a close race between President Obama and Mitt Romney and in the 2004 election there were tight margins for Bush v.s. Gore.