Paul Ryan’s Amended Tax Return

Sept. 21, 2012  Paul Ryan failed to report income on his own personal  2011 Tax Return to the Internal Revenue Service, like $61,122.00 worth of income?

How can a guy who is so meticulous on arranging to write a budget for the whole country make such a big mistake? Really, if the average citizen were to fill out a false return they’d be in jail by now but not Paul Ryan who is called the “GOP Intelligence guy for budgets.

Quote from the Caucus Blogs: New York Times Sept 21, 2012

” In an amended return, Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate, told the I.R.S. he and his wife had “inadvertently” failed to report $61,122 in income from 2011. That raised their total income to $323,416 and increased their taxes by $19,917 to $64,674, or 20 percent of adjusted gross income.” end quote

How can a budget expert miss an amount like that, 20  percent of total income on his tax return?

The US budget worth trillions of dollars in Paul Ryan’s plan needs to be audited since he’s not very good at adding and subtracting on a simple tax return.

As Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s campaign for the White House continues to tank, Mitt Romney released his 2011 Tax Return six months late and after many calls for him to come clean. Romney’s tax return shows a 7 million dollar drop in his income from 2010 which was 21.6 million down to 13.7 million a difference of 7.9 million dollar drop. Why did Mitt Romney all of a sudden drop that much in income is anyone’s guess.