Paul Ryan’s 13 Yrs in Congress Passed only 2 Minor Bills

August 12, 2012 As we continue to vet the real Paul Ryan and work our way through the myths until we get to the truth, Paul Ryan has an abysmal record for being in Congress for 13 years.

Through a report in Huff Post, it was revealed that for a guy that spent 13 years living and breathing Washington all he could accomplish were two lousy, insignificant bills.

Two Insignificant Bills in 13 Years is this Paul Ryan’s Record of achievements?

Paul Ryan’s Accomplishments in Congress

The first bill of Paul Ryan was in July 2000, that had to do with changing the name of the Post Office in his district. We can now thank Paul Ryan for renaming the post office:

“Les Aspin Post Office Building”. It’s a french name. 

The second bill in December, 2008, that Paul Ryan is responsible for is a bill that changes the way arrows (as in bows and arrows) are taxed by the IRS. Ryan’s bill changed the way arrows are taxed at .39 cents per arrow instead of an 11 % excise tax.

Is this they kind of political statesmen Mitt Romney is putting his faith and trust in to possibly become the next President if Romney should have some mishap as President?

A post office name and an arrow tax? Are you truly joking here, Romney?

Source: Huff Post