Paul Ryan Gets Booed at AARP

Sept. 21, 2012 Paul Ryan the guy who wants to cut Medicare and make it a voucher program got booed at the AARP and he’s not fooling senior citizens. Ryan has consistently lied about the Ryan Budget cuts in his transformational program that reduces medicare to a fixed voucher program.

Experts have analyzed his program and say that it has no benefits for seniors, only insurance companies. Ryan’s reaction was typical – he carried on with the lies about the program in spite of the booing going on in the audience.

One person yelled out: “Liar” to Ryan as he spoke.


The 716 billion in Ryan’s program cuts programs in the Obama plan it reduces industry profits. It is sickening to watch a politician lie over and over again to the American public.

Republican ticket Romney- Ryan are not fooling anyone as polls indicate the ticket is sliding down at least 10 points in the polls out today.