Organic or Factory Foods

Sept 7, 2010 Organic or factory foods-what would you prefer to eat these days?

Well if you are speaking of the wealthy class, or Michelle Obama or politicians they would consume the organic food before anything you buy at your grocery store.

Most of the billionaires that make money on shares and investments in factory corporate farms like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates actually only eat organic clean foods sold in specialty stores.  As shocking as this may appear their chefs do not shop at Wal-Mart for food.

Factory Farm Food Production Line-Unsafe & Unregulated.

Which leads you to believe that the factory food coming out of larger corporate farming methods are for those who cannot afford better. The poor, the elderly, youths, kids, adults who are unemployed and the vast majority of Americans who do not care to find out how their food is manufactured and grown.

Seeds for Growing Food

Seeds for growing food have been manipulated, genetically modified with anything from fish genes to pesticides built into the seed kernel. You may see that the mega-corporation Monsanto has great control over the world’s seed supply and they are quickly buying up or putting seed farmers out of business to control the seeds of the food available commercially. Control equals power and he who holds the seeds has the power.

Monsanto money is spread far and wide on both Republican and Democratic politicians and in return they get to dictate legislation. Monsanto puts pesticides into seeds which has been implicated with lower sperm counts in men, which makes them infertile. This is especially a critical negative with young couples trying to conceive a baby.

That is how we see corruption in politics today as influence peddlers have won greater control over the government in the name of greed, power and more greed.

Organic Farms

Organic farms are being invaded including the poor Amish farmers like Dan Allgyer of Pennsylvania who grow their own food, sell their produce including raw milk. Over 100 years ago before pasteurization, farmers and their families drank wholesome milk and were healthy. Only when a cow is infected with some man made virus is this not possible but sick cows are hardly seen on an Amish farm as they take care of their livestock. The commercialization of food and especially the processes such as pasteurization strips milk of its vitamins and health benefits and also affects taste and quality.

Factory Farms

The FDA standards are low enough to allow a certain amount of salmonella in eggs and other food products for consumers. In fact after the Wright County egg farm was found to be the cuplrit in the egg scandal, the FDA approved of cooking the eggs so they could still be used in liquid form for the baking industry. Again favoring corporate farm profits and putting the public at considerable risk, this was a pro-corporate position not intended for food safety.  The process of pasteurizing eggs does not prove them 100 percent safe but the FDA is not following safety procedures and their actions reduced the financial losses of 880 million eggs.

Furthermore the FDA decided that vaccinating chickens for human consumption is safe and will prevent salmonella which does not work when the farm is operated like Wright County Egg. Rather than inspect factory farms which is their job they would rather put more chemicals and viruses in the food you eat every day.

Factory farms today grow livestock like chickens, pigs and cows by the millions at one location where you could hardly consider the livestock to be healthy. Often times they are held in confined quarters, made to eat cheap food are injected with drugs and they produce a very sick product. The meat at processing plants are then injected with colored dyes to make them look healthier in the grocery store. The public is a greater risk of food poisoning from corporate farms than ever before in history and yet this government has failed to ensure safety in our very food. The FDA does not inspect food from China and allows rat feces, melamine and other debris in foreign foods sold in the big box stores like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. It is enough to churn your stomach up and angry enough to take you back to purchasing from local suppliers. Wal-Mart buys 99 % of its foods from China and is considered is China’s biggest distribution center in the USA.

In contrast organic farms take good care of their livestock and chickens, pigs and cows roam freely to eat a variety of grasses and plants that are not sprayed with chemicals. The animals are feed good grains, clean water and are cared for by landowners from generation to generation. Organic farms are cleaner and highly efficiently managed because they concentrate on the quality of food not quantity and profits for shareholders and CEO’s.

Organic farms do not use pesticides but rather use old methods of farming that reduce insects and use natural sprays to keep bugs away so they can get a good yield. Organic farms reduce waste, clean refuse and do not pollute nearby lakes, rivers and streams with chemicals or manure that should be treated and turned into fertilizer.

The difference is huge in terms of quality, nutrition and a healthy population. The difference in taste is large especially in GMO foods (genetically modified). A tomato genetically modified with fish genes will not taste the same as an organic tomato and there is no comparison in flavor. You don’t really see the difference in a grocery store unless you purchase your produce at the farmers market or straight off a farm. The European Union has banned GMO foods for their population and more countries are banning Monsanto from growing genetically altered foods that renders food unsavory and unhealthy.

Today in 2010 your children and family are being robbed blind by high food prices for lower quality degraded produce at the store. As far back as 20 or 30 years ago factory farms were just in their infancy until they grew into monster farms that produce millions of tons of food products.

There is a time when people have had enough of the games that politicians play on us year after year, conning us just before elections, while being seduced by corporate campaign dollars and then turning on us after they win only to stab us in the heart at our dinner table.  There are literally millions of Americans getting sick by simply eating food and this is all FDA approved foods that contain salmonella poisoning. After the egg recall there was a beef recall mostly meat sold to Sam’s Club stores in many US states. Again it was a factory farm at fault for the e. coli in the beef which can cause death. How many people have actually died of food poisoning in America that were unreported?

In 2009 the H1N1 virus was released at a factory farm in Mexico owned by Smithfield Farms which had 1 million pigs at their farm in Mexico. The pigs were never destroyed and no alarm was sounded by the FDA and no inspections of those farms was conducted.

These larger corporate food manufacturers donate millions to both parties for fewer regulations, fewer inspections, tax breaks and the corrupt capitalist society continues to infest America. Even without campaign bribery corporate farms like the Wright County Egg farm go about their business unchecked, without inspections and virtually unregulated and they are the largest producers of food in America. Where was the FDA, USDA, NIH and the EPA during all this time but sitting on their backsides in their offices due to a lack of staffing.

Bill S510 – The Future of Organic Farming

When you consider there is a bill in the Senate now S510 that gives the FDA authority more on organic farms, vitamins, supplements, herbs and plants mainly organics. It is not the organic farms that need regulating -it is the corporate farming methods that are polluting the food supply.

By passing this bill, Congress is practically shutting down organic farming as you know it. Margaret Hamburg the administrator head of the FDA would have you believe that eggs from an organic farm are harmful, need regulating, need inspecting and need to be stamped out. If a farmer gives a chicken better feed or enriched feed that would be illegal.

Bill S510 is not about giving the FDA more power but it actually makes it “ILLEGAL” to grow your own food in your own backyard. The absurdity of this bill is beyond belief and is sponsored by Congressman Dingell and democrat Richard Durbin from Illinois and includes 68 sponsors with 384 co-sponsors of the bill.  It gives the FDA and government agencies total control of you and food you eat rather than regulate the factor farmers who are the criminal operators such as Jack DeCoster. In China they execute people like Jack on the spot as in the babies milk  melamine case last year a practice we should adopt here.

Illegal to Sell, Grow, Trade, Share Homegrown Food

The sponsors of Bill S510 : include both Republicans and Democrats that will take away your right to grow vegetables in your back yard!

Rep. John Dingell [D-MI15]
Diana DeGette [D-CO1]
Frank Pallone [D-NJ6]
Bart Stupak [D-MI1]
Betty Sutton [D-OH13]
Henry Waxman [D-CA30]

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower “

The bill has far more negative policies than meets the eye and should not be passed. The FDA would be well served to do their job and inspect the illegal production practices that violate health and safety standards. Besides the fact that the FDA is too incompetent to approve of or endorse a bill that gives the agency more power to prohibit vitamins, supplements and continue to allow dangerous foods and drugs on the US market.

The whole proposal is absurdly a power grab for the FDA to shut down organic farms due to the fact that they are highly sought after by the consumer and this cuts into corporate profits. People should contact their senators, congressmen and representatives and denounce this bill completely. The government should be doing their job on regulations already on the books, not criminalize organic farming, or Michelle Obama would be thrown in jail.


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  1. Bravo. This is an excellent summary of what is going on with the food supply. Monsanto scares the bejeebers out of me. GMO foods are banned in Europe. Shouldn’t that tell us something? No, we keep right on catering to the big guys who have run the small farms out of business. The FDA has become a joke and no one in Congress seems to care because they are always needing to build their campaign chests and need big corporate sponsors to do it. People need to carefully select foods that are not GMO foods. Organic foods are more expensive so shop when something is on sale. Find out which foods contain the most pesticides and avoid them. There is something all of us can do to reject this poisoning of our food and that is to complain like heck and don’t buy as much of it as possible.

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