Oracle – Google Go to Trial Over Android Java Patents

Updated: Aug 3, 2012 Oracle – Google Reach Settlement on Patents

Two major internet and technology titans, Oracle and Google go head to head over Android patent issues when in August 2010 Oracle sued Google after acquiring Sun Microsystems.

Google’s Android operating system seems to have violated Java patent rights and Oracle is suing for big damages.

Google denies this claim stating that Oracle cannot isolate certain portions of Java’s intellectual property.

The damages can be quite significant, as much as 6 billion dollars in damages that are up for grabs. The trial, case Number 10-3561, takes place in San Francisco where jury selection is underway and is expected to take up two months of the court’s time. The proceedings will be adjudicated by Judge William Alsup of the US Northern District Court of California.

The judge has amplified the importance of the case with “This is the World Series” of high tech cases.

Judge Alsup is a veteran 66 year old, no nonsense type of guy, and has sat on the Barry Bonds case and some death penalty cases. He usually gets to work at 5:30 a.m. when court is in session and has been known to run up 20 flights of stairs for his exercises.

Potential witnesses include the CEO’s of the major corporations the CEO of Google, Larry Page and the CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison as filed in court papers.
This trial should be on interest to the internet industry which will also reveal Google’s ad revenues, both current and projected.
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