Oklahoma Sperms are People Too

Feb 8, 2012

To add to the hilarity of American politics regarding the Pro-Life groups who are claiming that eggs (are people)  now an new dimension to include sperms comes out of the state of Oklahoma.

In keeping with the zany legislation proposed on an egg is a person, Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma state announced a new law stating “Sperm is Sacred”.

Oklahoma Sperms are People Too

It brings us to the question of why are sperms called Soldiers when they are not old enough to enlist into the military?

Pro-Life groups are attempting to change the meaning of “Life” and exactly when it begins giving eggs and sperm a chance to be “declared human beings with a right to life” even though they are not born yet.

The Every Sperm is Sacred Law

The absurdity only illustrates how insane these pro-lifers are when it comes to changing abortion laws which is their real intent.

The good senator from Oklahoma introduced a Senate bill Number 1433 which seeks to help define when life begins even before the sperm is implanted into a woman.

The bill offers legal protection to every sperm.  This bill has wider implications that we know.

Firstly, if a man donates his sperm to a sperm bank, does that sperm now have voting rights, and can that stored sperm be considered a hostage taking which is against the law?

Then, there is the clause that has some dire consequences for sperm:

“However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vajaja, shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child”.

Meaning, if a man so much as ejaculates in the above mentioned conditions, he is committing murder and shall be held accountable.

The Johnson Bill has some interesting complications with making it illegal to:

outlaw oral sex


other types of sex (that do not create an atmosphere for the so called zygotes to become more human).

The point made by Constance Johnson is, why stop at fetus -lets go back to an egg or a sperm or cells for that matter.

All cells can be declared to be humans. But they are not, nor is a fetus, nor is an egg, or a sperm.

More amendments are being brought forth to the bills that declare a Fetus a human being and those include the financial responsibility of the donor of the sperm that being the father of the fetus.

It seems that these fetus are people bills do not address the financial responsibility of the father of the fetus and there is no mention of who pays for it all?

Personhood is declared upon birth, and not before the cells make a cry with their voices and certainly if we go back to a fetus, we must go back further to the egg and to the sperms.

The whole idea of declaring a fetus qualified to be in a Personhood or a sperm or an egg begs the question: do these politicians have enough to do and why are they not creating jobs instead of looking for trouble when it does not exist?

Hats off to Senator Constance Johnson who submitted the bill which includes life for sperm and the consequences of pro-life ridiculousness in legislation.

Oklahoma Sperms are People Too

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