Oil Rig Fire

The Oil Rig of USCG called the Deep Water Horizon where 11 workers are still missing just sank into the ocean 2 hours ago off the coast of Louisiana.  The pictures of burning fuel oil, and gasses from the bottom shows the damage in air and possible oil spillage into the ocean.

Environmentalist are now determining the possible damage to the Florida beaches, Louisiana and Texas coastlines that will carry the oil spill throughout the gulf.

Oil Rig Sinks into the Gulf of Mexico-Environmental Damage is Largely Predicted

Video Courtesy of YouTube and the Associated Press.

The video was shot yesterday but since then the rig sank into the ocean from a huge blast. The ramifications of this explosion has not been disclosed or investigated, the amount of oil spilling into the ocean and the missing men is all a mystery not disclosed by the media at this time.

Oil Rig Image of Burning Smoke, Oil Spillage into the Environment

The Louisiana coast has been hit by Katrina and the Oil rig site stayed intact fortunately but the safety questions on the rigs is poor as this explosion is being downplayed in the media.
The Exxon Valdez ship that spilled oil in Alaska and the west coast of Canada spilled 257 thousand barrels of oil. Exxon has yet to pay for the damages, the environment affected land, animals and is still being cleaned up today.

In this blow up of an oil rig 336 thousand barrels of oil are suspected to be spilled into the ocean and will ultimately hit the Louisiana shore if the winds and waves bring the oil and spread it. Needless to say the environmental concerns are very high. Advocates for off shore drilling have been pressing for more oil rigs and the safety questions are always disregarded in favor of big oil companies and profits.

The story continues to raise concerns that oil rigs are not safe off of shores like Florida and would cost the tourism trade trillions more dollars of losses. This was a state of the art oil rig with all the modern equipment and it still blew up with no investigation it is now harder to determine the origin of the explosion. Simply stating it was accidental is not good enough and fails to address the real causes of the explosion.

Oil Rigs have always posed Huge Dangers to the Shores of the US Continent

Oil company’s lease the equipment from Trans Ocean which are companies like BP that is implicated with this oil rig. There is a blow out preventer that is supposed to keep gasses contained that may have exploded or failed. The well bore was just ready for production however this is when the explosion occurred. Firefighters are on the rig at all times and failed to put the fire out on this rig in the Gulf of Mexico with 30 thousand workers currently in the gulf there are thousands of oil rigs pumping oil. 126 men were rescued off the rig except for the 11 missing as the Coast Guard reported early yesterday.

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