Oil Outrage in Florida

July 3, 2010  Oil outrage in Florida has taken hold after oil, tar, dispersant are now washing up on Florida’s west coast beaches that were once sugary beautiful sandy beaches.  To walk on a Florida beach with the white sand between your toes is a sight to behold. But not today on the eve of the American Fourth of July celebrations, Floridians are outraged at BP Oil and the US government.

Florida Anger Grows with BP Oil coming to their Shores

The Florida beaches are stained with tar balls of oil, sand is strewn with oil as brown waves come onto the west coast of Florida from the panhandle down to the middle of Florida. What used to be white sugar beaches are now stained with oil as much as 6 inches deep, you can dig and find buried oil.

You cannot swim in the ocean anymore or else your body will be covered with the toxic brown slim of crude oil, and your can smell it in the water. That offensive machinery smell of oil that is so disgusting and dangerous to human and animal life is now spreading from the gulf areas. With 17 more hurricanes predicted in the summer of 2010 this will be an amazing disaster the likes of – the world has never experienced in history.

Cleaning crews are trying to clean up the blobs on the beaches but it is an impossible task and are only hitting less then 10 percent of it. The next day more oil washes in from the ocean waters and currents are carrying the underwater plumes far and wide.

The oil outrage in Florida is growing against BP Oil spill is now it it’s 74 day of continuously polluting and damaging the Gulf of Mexico and now the oil is getting caught up in the Gulf stream which flows down to the Florida Keys and to the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the Florida peninsula. Florida State is not prepared to take this sitting down and people are not only disgusted in the failures of BP Oil but also their own government failures of red tape and stopping other countries from helping the Gulf. Other countries have the equipment, tankers, skimmers, more boom, and better green methods of cleaning up this mess but the Obama administration has been a failure right from the start to tackle this emergency. Instead, Barack declared a national emergency back a few months ago because of the swine flu but not the BP Oil spill. Where is his head? What on earth is he thinking?

Stop the BP Oil Leak Now

This oil spill will affect the world not just the United States and the pollution of oil and dispersants if not cleaned at the source will certainly cause more lawsuits, around the world. It is not just the Louisiana shores anymore -Mr. Obama how would you like to be sued by China, Russia, Canada, Europe and Africa? It will soon come to the call for the military to get involved and a decisive President if Obama cannot handle it – Betty White is available.

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Scientists and experts predict the oil will be mobilized to the eastern shores of the United States and eventually will be in all the world’s oceans.  This is a world wide event which is damage to all the oceans as they are all connected and the ocean currents will spread what is in the Gulf of Mexico.


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