Ohio Bans Fracking After Proof of Causing Earthquakes

Jan. 24, 2013 The State of Ohio which has come under fire for allowing gas fracking throughout the state is finally banning gas fracking because it causes Earthquakes and sinkholes.

Ohio isn’t the only state that is banning gas fracking and studies in the UK including one from a gas company proves that gas fracking through pumping thousands of gallons of chemicals into the shale deep below the earth’s surface is making the earth plates move which causes earthquakes.

The fact that with this tremendous amount of pressure and movement beneath the earth’s surface approximately 9,000 feet down the process of fracking is also causing massive sinkholes to form swallowing up farmland in Ohio. Several massive sink holes have formed some that are larger than six football fields in size from gas fracking this is a very, serious consequence of gas fracturing.

Not one agency of the US government has bothered to test the geological problems that gas fracking creates not even the EPA which has no grounds in legislation to regulate the gas industry no thanks to former Bush Vice President Dick Cheney. Even doctors are seeing the consequences in their offices of citizens with various forms of chemical damage due to gas fracking.

In the state of Pennsylvania, currently have a state enforced “Gag Order on Doctors” who are not allowed to speak to patients about gas fracking chemicals by name or how they are affected by them. Highly toxic chemicals are used in gas fracking which have deadly cancer causing consequences to human health.  This month, the state used the reports from Seismologist Experts and finally put a ban on gas fracking after a 4.0 earthquake occurred on December 31, 2012. Previous earthquakes happened in 2012 with no studies undertaken by the state to find their cause.


Photo: a homeowner shows methane gas in her tap water at her home -caused by Fracking Gas Industry corporation

Ohio currently has 177 gas wells made by fracking the earth 9,000 feet into the earth performed by a company called D&L. Under current laws, the gas company cannot be held accountable or sued for any damages that occur as a result of their operations.

Sinkholes and Earthquake Damage May Not Be Covered By Insurance Companies

People who live in Ohio may not be aware that by any damage caused by an earthquake such as damage to businesses, buildings or residential homes may not be covered by insurance companies.

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