Occupy Black Friday

Occupy Black Friday A war is on in continuation of Occupy Wall Street, which is based on the anti-banking movement in regards to the 2008 meltdown, however the war contagion has spread to retail consumption.

This photo exemplifies the difference between what is acceptable when camping out on public property, since if your a consumer it is acceptable to park your tent in front of a big box store.

But in New York, if your protesting the Wall Street banking industry corruption, the police under the Homeland Security nonsense, will come and take your sleeping bag, tent, food, personal effects and toss it in the garbage. If you protest your country’s decline into the abyss of corrupted politicians who sell their souls for campaign contributions, your arrested.

Quite a conundrum for the most progressive of people to understand the difference.


The road to disaster has been for the most part due to American gluttony, getting fat on grease, eating like pigs, buying every shiny object the television tells you to buy, ignoring laws, ethics, values, honest and justice and a cut throat way of life.

The road has been for mass consumption of the largest amount of toys, the best gadget, the biggest fat assed plasma TV, the newest gas guzzling SUV, the bigger and the most junk you can carry home to your big house. That’s the new America.

The Biggest, Fatest, junk food, products and stuff we can put into our mouths, homes and garages.

Most people’s garages are not really garages to house a car. They are storage units for the junk we can’t stuff into our homes anymore.

You can always tell who a hoarder is by, driving by their house and noting the number of cars sitting in the driveway instead of in the garage.  The car can’t be parked in the garage, because there is too much junk in it.

Does this look familiar?

Tonight marks the first time in history that big box stores, hungry to sell their imported fine goods to Americans are open on Thanksgiving Day usually a day reserved for family and a nice dinner.

Today, even a holiday can’t keep you away from the stores, and racking up debt on those high interest credit cards. The banks love it when you spend.

These fine folks couldn’t wait to get into debt and are actually lining up to do so.


In short what we have here is an Occupy Black Friday.

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