Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies reminds one of a few lines in Neil Diamond songs for some reason, the feeling that arresting an 87 year old lady protesters just seem to be wrong.

Grab the Old Ladies

That is just what happened in Occupy Wall Street, a few days ago at the event called Day of Action where due to Mayor Bloomberg’s outrageous eviction of all personal belongings at Zuccotti Park, he destroyed democracy and hope. Some people say he didn’t want the holiday shoppers to have to gaze upon the unemployed, the poor, the homeless at Thanksgiving day next week. Bloomberg ordered the crackdown and dismantle of Occupy Wall Street for the wealthy 1% holiday shoppers and visitors to New York City over the festive weekend.

On November 17th the day of action brought both young and old together including Frances Goldin an 87 year old New Yorker who came to protest on Wall Street.

Frances lives in the lower east side of New York and as she raises her hand in the photo, you can see she joined in solidarity with the protests along with some of her friends.

Her face says it all.

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

This picture says it all, the need for Occupy Wall Street protests is very real.

The image of an 87 year old lady who has seen the depression, has experienced the ups and downs of the economy stands as an example of how much people are hurting, how angry they are and how much they want to express those feelings against calls for the protests to end.

Frances Goldin also talks to a police officer in front of the New York Stock Exchange while the protesters aimed to shut down the stock exchange from opening under protest from the big bank meltdown of 2008 and the present state of the economy.

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

A very large police presence stopped the protesters at every turn and Frances also got pushed and shoved in a mob as they tried to push through police barricades and a full force of heavy duty cops much larger than Frances’ tiny frame.  Was she that much of a threat to Wall Street?

The protest was peaceful that day, there was no violence until the police started putting up barricades to Zuccotti Park which was the camp of the protest known as Occupy Wall Street.  The main reason there were injuries was the police aggressive movements and their putting up metal fences to keep protesters from moving.  In this manner they instigated the violence, and provoked injuries on both sides.

The lame stream media reported 7 police officers were injured, a few had vinegar thrown at them by protesters which is hardly what you could call an injury. Yet the media did not capture the injuries of the protesters by violent police officers, and they did not capture the video of one female protester pulled by her hair on the ground by a New York police officer twice her size.

The media did not capture this young man bloodied in the streets, sitting down being arrested.

Occupy America -Grab the Old Ladies

A young man known as Brendon Watts, is injured with a bloodied head and face surrounded by three police officers in Zuccotti Park on Nov. 17, 2011 which marked the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Again, the protests were peaceful until police became aggressive and used their billy clubs on innocent civilians. By the afternoon, 200 protesters were arrested after their camp at Zuccotti park was destroyed by police and their belongings thrown away.

Regretfully the violence did occur but it was not from the protesters, it was a concerted effort by the major player New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, himself a supporter of Wall Street banks and a billionaire.  Bloomberg claims he is all for the First Amendment of free speech but his actions spoke differently on November 17, 2011.

Why Protests are Part of America

The original American protest was of course the Boston Tea Party where rebellious anarchist as they were called dumped a boat load of tea from Britain in protest to an oppressive tax. The action caused the Americas to separate from Britain in a clear demand for self rule and autonomy which was the birth of a new country.

Ever since then, people came to America in droves all with the same goal of freedom, the freedoms they didn’t have in Europe and the promise of a new land of opportunity. Another song that Occupy Wall Street brings to mind is : Coming to America just like our parents, grandparents and relatives came to America for decades they came for : Freedom and democracy.

Unfortunately that dream of freedom has died and Americans want it back. Especially since all was taken from them in 2008 from home foreclosures, to job losses, it appears the rug has been taken from under their feet, and they are angry.

They came for opportunity, the independent country born out of protests, born out of obstinate refusals to pay higher taxes on tea, they came for the open wide spaces of hard living and sacrifices.

Occupy America


 Occupy Wall Street is a movement that was stationed in Zuccotti Park however it will not die and will not go away. The movement is within each American who comprise the 99% that are not the wealthy class who control the government and financial world.

Wall Street still remains unregulated and with Christmas drawing near, they will gladly give themselves bonuses, while people like Frances Goldin get their medicare benefits cut, get their Social Security payments cut and get thrown out on the streets of New York City.

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