Obama’s Whitehouse on the Internet

President Obama began his town hall interactive internet broadcast at the Whitehouse in a Q&A which included the open questioning from the public and answered questions directly from the people.

Following a media blitz on the airwaves this internet forum has definite appeal for a country that is in economic turmoil and stewed in anger regarding Wall Street executives helping themselves to unearned bonuses.  President Obama included the thousands of questions sent into a special website called Open for Questions at: www.whitehouse.gov  where all questions were rated as a yes or no basis.

A live audience made up of local Washington citizens and Nick Shapiro the spokesperson indicated that since his campaign across the country this “brings those outside perspectives to the Whitehouse” which may have never been heard or examined.  This he added would help Americans voice their concerns in an open forum and an accountable fashion as the event was live streamed.

The majority of popular issues ranged from homeownership to green energy jobs and especially leaning towards loans for small businesses start ups. Healthcare also a major concern for business resonates highly on the list of the concerns of Americans. More than 100,000 questions were submitted to Open for Questions, and 3.6 million votes were cast on the questions submitted to the Whitehouse site.

President Obama on a personal note discussed the need and appreciation for the nurses that took care of his daughter Sasha when she had meningitis at the age of 3 years and how they comforted the family.

Not only is President Obama conveying that the “Whitehouse is Open for Questions” but his is holding court to appeal to Americans and increasing their involvement in government. The Town Hall interactive went down very well for people who would normally not be watching the events at the Whitehouse.

Although other Presidents such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush answered Q&A’s on the internet -President Obama is the first President to engage in a live format streamed directly from the Whitehouse to people’s computers and was recorded live on CNN simultaneously.

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