Obama’s Egypt is Here-Growing Anger of Monsanto GMO

Feb. 1, 2011 Obama’s Egypt is Here- Growing Anger of Monsanto GMO plants, seeds and Round Up applications for genetically modified foods is making Americans very angry.

As Obama is learning from Egypt’s uprising there is a price to pay when you do not listen to your people and Obama is following along President Mubarak’s footsteps.

Just last week the US Dept. of Agriculture has approved another Genetically Modified food alfalfa.

The FDA and Dept of Agriculture are taking turns at approving more GMO foods every day, the FDA is responsible for approving genetically modified salmon one month ago. This is a cross bred salmon with an inedible monster fish to increase corporate farm profits.

There is no human health value to GMO salmon, its about profits, bigger fish equals bigger profits nothing more of benefit to people. Consumption of unnatural fish or animals is not tested and reactions or diseases are unknown. Plus the fact that people just do not want it, and that is reason enough to lay off of GMO anything.

The Dept of Agriculture is the same department that inspected Wright County Egg Farm which marketed 500 million eggs contaminated with Salmonella Poisoning and gave them a clean bill of health on an inspection in April of 2010. The breakout of contaminated eggs -500 million of them was in August 2010 months later. The same conditions of filthy, animal abuse, immigration violations, raping immigrant women from Mexico drew national condemnation but the Dept of Justice or the US government laid no charges against this company.

The factory farm that almost killed millions of people went without criminal charges and was not put out of business, in fact the FDA took the eggs to breakage factory and they were used in baked goods!!  This was to save Wright County Egg from losing millions in profits!!


As Monsanto continues to corrupt European governments with money the European Unions in 2009 declared themselves GMO Free. However as Monsanto buys influence with the UK’s Royal Society that are promoting GMO crops the shift is affecting European countries again.

France and Poland Challenge GMO Agriculture

It is the government of the UK that is pushing genetically modified crops onto its farmers and consumers against much opposition.  Monsanto is using the government as its spokesman and marketing GMO as safe however GMO has damaged more food crops increasing the chances of scarcity itself.

Countries in Europe can ban GMO under an agreement however as genetic material is spread by wind, air and water allowing just one farm can contaminate many acres of food production which will be contaminated indirectly. Monsanto has billions and highly paid lawyers to keep their enforcement of absurd patents when only a god can claim ownership of a seed.

Countries Banning GMO  are: Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Luxembourg. What the debate has done is to break up the European Union which must either approve all countries using GMO or ban it entirely and they cannot come to a decision.

Monsanto is forcing the issue by breaking up each country piece by piece and influencing each government with scare tactics of a fake food shortage, lying about the consequences of contaminating all crops and creating super weeds that require more and more pesticides which they reap huge profits.

Again it is clear Monsanto’s goal here is to dominate the world’s food supply in a dictatorship similar to Egypt’s current President. Once Monsanto gets federal government approval in the United States or Europe there will be total destruction of all natural food produced with natural seeds and the creation of propagating strange, imposing plants that cannot be suppressed and will make agriculture as we know it impossible.


Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser fought Monsanto’s attempted take over of his farm and he won.  Percy a one man David beat the giant and forced Monsanto to remove their contamination of his farm. Schemiser developed his own seeds and is an organic farmer and a professional expert in canola seed genetics.

See his story from our Archives:

One Canadian Farmer Legally Challenged Monsanto GMO Canola and Won!!

Say No to GMO -Millions against GMO March on Washington
Say No to GMO -Millions against GMO March on Washington


Another organic farmer is taking Monsanto to court for his certified organic farm which takes years to grow in Western Australia.  Steve Marsh first discovered through the Australia Dept of Agriculture that 70 percent of his crops of wheat and oats where contaminated by Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Canola from a neighbors farm. Steve Marsh is taking Monsanto to court for damages.

This is the way that Monsanto works they contaminate organic and non -organic farms with their seeds and sprays.  Steve lost his organic certification which is a great financial and agricultural loss to human food supplies. Monsanto by law has to keep 5 meters away from a non-GMO farmer but a simple bee can transfer the genetic material and this regulation is laughable.

GMO contamination occurs by air and wind spread and it is impossible not to be contaminated by Monsanto’s products and they know it. The Dept of Agriculture in Australia had a close relationship with Monsanto which is the same case in the United States. (just approved GMO Alfalfa). Australians Join in Legal Challenge to GMO Foods

Monsanto seems to be carrying its weight on its “ownership” of seeds that it engineered but do not all seeds belong to mother earth, how can one billion dollar corporation claim ownership of a seed no matter how they altered its genetic makeup it is still a seed. It would be like trying to claim ownership of water, if you added orange flavoring to it, but it does not mean you can claim a patent on water?  Food is a human life commodity and Monsanto should never have been given a patent for seeds, this is the greed of a company gone into madness of trying to control the world’s food supply by contaminating all others and it is an evil company.

Genetically modified crops require more pesticides and more herbicides to keep their claim of resistance to insects and this causes more cancer. Pesticides are banned on lawns even in the US, Canada so why would one approve them for crops that people ingest?  This is sheer insanity and the CEO’s of Monsanto are psychologically demented.

Globally most of the world approximately hundreds of countries do not want GMO in Foods or Agriculture.

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Many Organizations are Against GMO -Monsanto’s Control of the US Agriculture Policies

A list of hundreds if not thousands of farmers, associations and people against GMO foods in America.

It won’t stop with just plants, Canada is seeking approval for a genetic cross between a pig and a mouse, called the Environpig.  The next phase is animal cross breed for human consumption and would you eat such animals yourself?  We already have GMO Salmon.

Monsanto is attacking all forms of food: plants, animals, fish and anything it can modify to call its own will be genetically altered for profit.

Up Next is Genetically Modified Animals will be approved for Human Consumption