Obama’s 2009 Failures

Dec. 30, 2010  Obama’s 2009 Failures A woman  named Joanne made the mistake of getting the H1N1 flu vaccine one month ago with dire consequences.  She had immediate arm pain as if it was going to explode and her arm swelled for about one week but then it got worse.

She also said she felt sick after the shot and has not been the same since, but since she is on a low income she has not gone back to the doctors for a checkup since he was the person who advised her to take it.

She did finally go back to a walk-in clinic and advised she had the H1N1 shot and the doctor shook his head.  The doctor put her on antibiotics and more medications such as Tylenol.  It cost her in pain, anguish and it cost her money to recover from the shot.  Her high blood pressure and asthma got worse and now she is too sick to work which cost her more loss. Joanne said she trusted her doctor and that the  vaccine would help her fight off the virus.  The vaccine caused her loss of wages and her productivity to her employer who lost also.

Joanne admitted she got the shot under the fear of reprisals due to the pressure from her employer and most of all she feared death, that was misrepresented in the media for months.  The fear was instilled she thought by the television national networks that exaggerated the epidemic.  The misrepresentation of swine deaths that were more than likely the result of underlying illness and the claims that this swine vaccine was scientifically and medically proven to work where all baseless promotion of this vaccine.

The Swine Flu Vaccine is Still an Unknown Concoction of Chemicals

1) The vaccine was only tested for side effects for 21 days and testers only looked a skin rashes and bumps at the injection site. The tests did not focus on the overall effects on the body nor were any tests on the effects of the vaccine on a healthy immune system. Never in history has a drug/vaccine been approved without testing by the FDA.  They broke all the rules and initiated a false sense of security about the swine shot that had no basis in facts.

2) The test was not a long term study and the rush to put this drug on the market exceed all rational thought, all health safety regulations and the FDA approved administering this vaccine without legal authority.  This included the mandates by law and documenting targeted groups such as pregnant women, their fetuses and babies.

This act alone defies completely and ignored the fact that in the 1960’s  President Kennedy banned all experimental drugs be given to pregnant woman and their vulnerable fetuses.  Every President agreed with that policy since the 1960’s and no changes were made to President Kennedy’s original ban on drugs.  This is until President Obama allowed and endorsed this vaccine for its use on pregnant women and he preceded to promote the H1N1 vaccine without thought or a thorough testing of this drug.

3) The tests did not include tests for causing cancer even though the ingredients are highly carcinogenic and harsh chemicals that harm the human body including metals that cause brain damage.  No vaccine has ever been tested for causing cancer and scientists will state there are so many causes of cancer it doesn’t make any difference.

President Obama’s Failure to Protect the Health of Americans and Cost Taxpayers 2 Billion Dollars

President Obama did not stop, prevent or forbid the policy in fact weeks ago he declared the Swine Flu a national emergency. President Obama has made a major blunder in trusting drug company claims and aligning himself on the side of corporations to the detriment and harm to unborn babies and pregnant mothers.

We wonder if President Obama would have experimented with his wife Michelle Obama and urged her to get the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine.  If the President thought,  knowing full well that this vaccine was entirely experimental and without conclusive proof that it would cause any harm to his unborn child would he have urged his wife to get the vaccine?

We wonder if President Obama has learned a very expensive lesson when he wasted 2 billion dollars on a useless, untested and unproven product which caused more damage to a healthy immune system of Americans. This contradicts his aim to reduce health care costs and he did not calculate the risks involved in a massive inoculation program that was practically forced by fear onto an unsuspecting public.

The systemic failures that President Obama has allowed includes the FDA which employs ex-drug company employees and this practice must stop.  President Obama must also overhaul the NIH and CDC and remove its drug lobbyists and special interests in national health policies.  Government cannot continue to protect corporations and harm the taxpayer who are footing the bill to pay drug companies and endangering their own health.

What President Obama failed to do is to protect the health of Americans and caused a world wide wave of a swine flu hoax that still to this day is from unknown causes.  The virus was never investigated by President Obama and he never initiated an investigation as he is for the Nigerian with the explosive underwear.

Where is the outrage at the swine flu vaccine hoax of 2009 and 2 billion dollars wasted again on a Pharma vaccine that is unproven to work? The American public should be outraged and demanding a recall of this vaccine and most of all a big refund.

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine is a 2 Billion Dollar Failure of GovernmentWhere is the outrage that President Obama has exhibited the same intelligence as George Bush and has reneged on his promises to clean up corruption at the FDA and other government agencies?  Where is the change, where is the proof and where are the ethics of this President?

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President Kennedy Banned Experiments on Pregnant Mothers

Updated: December 30, 2009- Obama’s Swine Flu Vaccine Failures

In this video Ron Paul stated the swine flu was not available and today December 30, 2009 no one wants to take the H1N1 Vaccine at all. The Swine Flu Vaccine was a failure of government because it was an untested and mandated of a H1N1 Vaccine. Paul states that we get “too many vaccines”. The New York Court case of health care workers won the case against mandated vaccines which the New York State legislated.  European countries who are far more intelligent about what is safe have disregarded the US policies of mandating the H1N1 Vaccine.

Three Dose Changes-Fly by Night Policies in Vaccines

There were 3 doses recommended by the drug manufacturers which all proved to be wrong, first it was 3 doses -one Tamiflu drug and 2 H1n1 Vaccines.  China did not agree with the US and reduced their doses to only one shot then the US reduced their dose.  Recently the dosage was stated to be adequate and still later the doses were said to be ineffective to work.  These changes in dosages alone make people wonder if the drug company’s even know the effectiveness of their vaccine or are they “playing us” with phony claims and the wrong doses.

Ron Paul says H1N1 Vaccine Can Do Damage to Young Children

When a man like Ron Paul a politician who people listen to and a former doctor who knows chemistry says a product can do harm the truth comes out. Ron Paul also does not believe vaccines need to forced onto people by using the law and that alone has inflamed the Tea Party and people like Rush Limbaugh. No way said Limbaugh and in fact on the air he told Secretary Sebillius to: Shove it.

This vaccine in the long run as Ron Paul stated “it can do damage especially to children” and people are dying from the medications prescribed by doctors who do not agree with or approve of untested and harmful vaccines.

This strategy in 2010 has to be eliminated and President Obama needs to check his strategies as well not allowing pharmaceuticals to dictate to him and he must stand up to corporate profit and special interests of drug companies.

Obama has lost all credibility on health care if he continues to allow people to take dangerous, unproven drugs, vaccines, patches and any prescription medication even those sold over the counter.

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