Obama Visits Puerto Rico

Obama Travels to Visit the Island of Puerto Rico

For the first time in 50 years a sitting US President visited Puerto Rico which is a rare visit since John F. Kennedy visited in 1961.

“These problems didn’t develop overnight here in Puerto Rico or anywhere else, but that means we’re not going to solve them overnight,” the president said. “But day by day, step by step, we will solve them.”

The country is divided between those who want Puerto Rico to be independent of the United States and a free nation, while others wish to keep their ties to the US solid. Those who strive for independence like Juan Damau of the Puerto Rico Independence Party sent a message to Obama that we demand independence.

The state of Puerto Rico’s economy at this time despite a close relationship with the US is poor and stagnant. It is common for smaller nations to work towards an independent and sovereign nation however what comes into play is military force, economic survival, stability and monetary policies that affect the lives of Puerto Ricans. Those are the questions that must be resolved before a movement towards independence is formed without a real look at the harder issues of state sovereignty.