Obama Takes Reins of Power

President Barack Obama

The smile is broader these days, a deeper grin with more life and happiness in his eyes than ever before in this picture of Barack Obama, just hours away from taking his oath to be President of the United States.

Barack Obama is on the verge of becoming the first black President in American history and the excitement of Americans is becoming an erruption of both elation that the disasters of the last eight years will finally be in our memories. In our present is the national release of pent up emotions, and weeping is becoming a river in Washington DC especially tomorrow.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day today it is more than timely that he be remembered as the cornerstone of the black movement of the sixties and the seventies and ever decade since in the struggle for racial equality. That day will come tomorrow when the country takes a step forwards into a very new future even in a time of great crisis it is a time that Barack Obama has instilled great hope and strength. It is spiritually an awaking of each of us who realize that what Martin Luther King fought for 50 years ago, Barack Obama has finally emerged to fulfill the promise that King paid for with his life.

Obama started a grass roots movement that even today is still intact and one that will not stop in the effort to heal this country from the economic, military, financial and the instability we have all faced with the Bush administration.
At the age of 47 years -Barack Obama becomes immortalized into the history books just by saying ” I solemnly do swear”. President Obama will have the strength to continue King’s journey and the challenges ahead that no other President has faced comprising such a myriad of problems in every direction possible.

This is the moment we have all been anxiously awaiting for years and in our wildest dreams we did not count on it being so moving, so precious and so freeing as his Inauguration as President of the United States. The momen is here, and the dream lives on.


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Photograph of Barack Obama: Courtesy of the Associated Press
taken by: Charles Dharapak

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