Obama Power over Internet

June 28, 2010 Obama has power over the Internet as of today a US senate committee just approved granting the President power to kill the Internet in a cyber attack with a switch of a button.  These sweeping powers were initiated by Senator Joe Lieberman who in 2008 supported John McCain’s Presidential nomination and worked for Republicans. You can read more on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security called the S. 3480 bill here .

Obama Master of the Internet
Joe Lieberman-Nothing Better to Do

Lieberman and other supporters of this legislation called The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act a necessity however the government can close off their internet accesses independently and do not need the power to shut down the whole internet communication system. Basically the bet is that republicans wanted this bill passed more than a democracy want their freedoms taken away.

This will bring us one step closer to complete censorship rights for the next phase of those who wish to shut down the internet because it has immense power to relay information and news. Some politicians are driven by corporate interests in fact 99 percent of politicians do what corporate lobbyists request of them and this smells to the high hills of corruption for corporations controlling the media.

This gives the government the power to shut down Google for instance any time they wish or the communications of Americans which is very disturbing to those who believe in the Freedom of the Press which includes the Internet.

Such draconian measures are not necessary but does address the further erosion of the freedom of Americans and how much power the government now has to shut down protests, dissenters and those who just plain do not like the government’s policies no matter who is in power.

Obama Power over the Internet
Collins wants Control over the Internet-for the next Republican President

The Protecting Cyberspace National Asset Act includes a Presidential kill switch rather we would much prefer if Obama had a kill switch on his own blackberry not the whole nation’s internet communications system.

In fact the President did not need this new act since it is covered in a previous act dating back to 1934 called the Communications Act. Under the Homeland Security and Government Affairs act Obama previous said he would do away with this invasive disregard for the privacy of Americans but refuse to make the change when he became President.

The bill gives Homeland Security even more special powers to shut down the internet in a response to a cyber attack which have been taking place for decades now.  Instead of the government installing their own security system, they would prefer you didn’t have access to communications while they get attacked. It simply is not necessary and the public sector is being taken for another tall tale of fear about terrorists.

The other sponsor of the bill is Republican Susan Collins along with Lieberman who represent corporate interests not security.  Critics say that this will not make the internet any safer and cyber attacks will continue as quick as security measures are in place they will be hacked it is a part of life today.

Over 24 private business firms and civil liberty groups have opposed this new control of the internet under any circumstances no one has the right to shut down the internet, not even the President of the United States.

All this is more control of communications, comments and the liberty of the individual to speak their mind. If this legislation is not stopped now, the government will be able to shut your computer down if they do not agree with your views.  In essence a totalitarian state and a police state reminiscent of Nazi Germany where books were burned. Politics and the internet should not be joined at the hip and one should not control the other however this is a whole new world of censorship. No matter what party you belong to you should be afraid, very afraid if Joe Lieberman has anything to do with this legislation because it is simply a ploy of disguised censoring your freedom of speech.

This gives Obama power over the internet and effectively will shut down commercial business, money transactions, and daily business done on the internet is into the trillions of dollars that will be stopped by one stupid guy with a kill switch.  The true purpose of this law is to shut down critical comments by the individual not a terrorist act. Is it really necessary to shut down the whole internet and how would Google feel about that and would newspapers, radio, television be next?

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It is not surprising that a person like Rockerfeller and Lieberman want to control the internet, why are they so wanting the power for government to control freedom of speech. Cyber security does not necessitate the shutting down the whole internet, this is a power grab.

Government Can Control or Shut Down the Internet- Outrageous

Behind closed meetings and drafting of legislation proposes the government take over power of shutting down the internet for which it has no jurisdiction, the internet belongs to the people worldwide not government. This is an abuse of power clearly and can use authorized licensed agencies to non government internet systems to control the system under the name of security. Yet under the Supreme Court which upholds the right for Americans to buy scud missiles and carry guns, but your internet is now not in your control. See the video.

Lieberman Denies his comparison to China Shutting Down Google is his goal, but the flimsy excuse of a cyber attack will not be stopped by shutting down the internet. It is apparent that Lieberman knows nothing about how the internet works. Cyber attacks can lay dormant for months before they are launched, and shutting it down will do nothing to stop the hackers. Also shutting down the internet will cost billions if not trillions of dollars in e-commerce just to prevent an attack? It will not go over big with customers and retailers and will hurt the economy.