Newt Gingrich Doomsday Warning

Newt Gingrich Doomsday Warning

Much of the media reports from Saturday night’s Iowa GOP debate/talk show hosted by ABC concentrated on Mitt Romney’s bet, but bypassed the doomsday warnings from Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich is not a politician you would envision as a Commander in Chief but he was ready to sound the alarm bells of a nuclear blast in space. Whether this was a ploy to sell his books, Gingrich was referring to an EMP which is an electromagnetic pulse detonated above the USA, that would damage electricity power and knock out circuits across the country.

Many experts and scientists believe Newt Gingrich’s imagination is as far-fetched as his “lunar colony that would mine minerals on the moon”.
The message may resound with war mongers in the republican fold but nuclear experts are casting off his warnings.

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency would defend such an attack with interceptors and destroy enemy attacks immediately and prior to any successful deployment.

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Newt Gingrich Doomsday Warning

By bringing in “theoretical scenarios” of attacks to terrify voters Gingrich does not immediately become Mr. Commander-in-Chief. President Obama’s offensive on the list of terrorists that are now deceased, is a big plus in his record on protecting the country and holds the record of defending against terrorism.

Electromagnetic attacks on a country are not new but they are not pressing on American security at the moment.  Most of the terrorists attack have been focused on bombs on airplanes, buildings and ground warfare.

Gingrich claims this is his “worst fear” from decades of his personal study on the subject of terrorism and it should  be “terrifying for all of us”.

Nice try Newt, but what is more terrifying is the lack of jobs, the economic depression, homelessness from massive fraudulent foreclosures by banks and where the next meal is coming from for Americans.  People can hardly be concerned in theoretical doomsday events to score political points through fear mongering and a media campaign to sell his book.

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