News of the World Had Police Under Surveillance

Another story of the UK’s continued investigation into Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World and how they hired special forces to track police officers. At a UK inquiry into the dealings of NoTW details were revealed on the tracking of police by Rupert Murdoch’s news organization.

News of the World has been charged with giving cash to cops, infiltrating the Prime Minister’s Office with ex-employees close to David Cameron and wire tapping or illegal phone hacking of emails into thousands of people’s private cell phones.

In the case of the 2006 Ipswich prostitute murders the newspaper had police tailed and knew their every move in police work.

News of the world hired SOCA -Serious Organized Crime Agency and may have seriously jeopardized the official police investigation as a result.

Dave Harrison of SOCA said that News of the World jeopardized the investigation into the murders. His testimony at the Inquiry:

“If our surveillance had been weakened by having to try and avoid other surveillance teams looking for us, if we had lost the subject, he may have gone and committed further murders because we were dealing with something else.”

The police had hired Soca to provide surveillance of suspects in their investigation of the deaths of five women in Ipswich. At the same time News of the World whiffed Soca to find the suspects and meddled into the official investigation.

Here is a case where the police are investigating suspects with a third party organization that was also hired by News of the World to investigate the police activities surrounding the case.

The whole mess involves the NOTW in an attempt to “get the news story” interfered with police business and have used counter surveillance measures when driving one suspect to a hotel room for a news story interview.

Rupert Murdoch News of the World Had Police Under Surveillance

The UK inquiry continues to divulge new more proof that Rupert Murdoch’s lust for capturing the news broke laws indiscriminately and willfully including tailing the police to get the news.

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