New Tooth Gel Replaces Fillings

July 15/10 A new tooth gel can replace fillings the next time you go to the dentist office you may not hear that awful drilling sound and your lower jaw vibrating with numbed pain.  Well search no more as researchers have developed a gel that actually repairs teeth and regrows tooth cells rather than the current form of treatment which are those awful fillings.

Teeth Regrown-with a Gel that Stimulates Tooth Stem Cells
Teeth Regrown-with a Gel that Stimulates Tooth Stem Cells

A new discovery of the tooth gel can replace lead or mercury or even acrylic fillings in the form of a gel which can heal the bones and heal teeth decay by regenerating the tooth instead of adding metal to your teeth.  The gel consists of a peptide that encourages the cells in the teeth such as enamel cells to regrow and this eliminates the need for drilling, capping, pulling and root canal fills from an infected or decaying tooth.

This is not a tooth paste but more of a repair and regeneration of a tooth and much more like growing your own teeth back instead of breaking bits away and fixing the damage after a cavity has formed.

Also it is found that brushing your teeth with aloe vera gel will keep the bacteria count in your mouth down and prevents bacterial decay of teeth.


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2 thoughts on “New Tooth Gel Replaces Fillings”

  1. So what is this magical gel? Why write an article about this amazing tooth gel (which, was not backed by any significant evidence that it ACTUALLY exists)and not give us the manufacturer or name of the product, or atleast an estimate of when dentists will actually USE this product/procedure.


    sounds like something dentists will make you pay an arm and a leg for, when it probably costs significantly less.

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