New SOPA Bill TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership A Secret Deal

The latest from this Congress, corporate backers and well paid congressman designed their latest attempt to strangle the internet with a new government law that threatens security and commerce.

The trade talks are taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Addison in North Texas, from May 8 to the 18, 2012, and 750 delegates are attending. The talks combine: agriculture, the internet and energy negotiations but the public is kept from knowing what is being negotiated.

Once again the US congress has not passed one single jobs bill, but TPP represents their 6th attempt at controlling the internet, free speech and Hollywood interests. The TPP Act is being disguised as a Trade Bill, but has over reach on the internet with a chapter on Intellectual Property, and it is a secret the public does not know about nor will it ever.

This Congress is now working in secret to destroy freedom of the internet in terms of speech and continues to threaten the industry with lame excuses that suddenly the US is at a major security threat which is a false claim.

The public and internet giants once again is being forced to devote time and effort to defeat these inbicilic bills that are illegal, will not stop piracy and will threaten the major commerce conducted on the internet for their backers.
TPP has grave consequences for “Buy American” and actually outlaws the support of buying American goods as opposed to foreign products. Bad for job creation. Washington is definitely going in the wrong direction if it believes passing a bill such as this will win any votes in November.

This closed door trade deal most likely favors trade from these countries but harms US jobs. The dangling of the carrot which is access to the US market, in return for draconian internet control measures is not a fair balanced trade agreement it is bribery.

Again the operators behind this agreement consist of the same Hollywood mogul businesses, the film industry, US Chamber of Commerce which is Republican owned, some pharma companies, and all the same supporters of SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.

Secret Trade Agreement – TTP Explained

By padding the Trade deal with the IP intellectual property section the Bad IP bill in TPP which is being negotiated with corporations and countries involved.

The nine countries are: USA, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, N. Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

The public is at risk of once again losing privacy and of a government that passes bills with other countries in secrecy.

The TPP Bill is just what it sounds like, something you should use as Toilet Paper. The bill is designed to cut off free speech or any internet website that the corporations and government feel are harming their interests.

The public is “excluded” from these trade deals while corporate interests are well represented at the table.

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