New 2011 Autism Studies links to MMR Vaccines

Feb. 7, 2011   New 2011 Autism Studies links to MMR Vaccines

The Recent Journalist Reports from the BMJ were False

Recently the British Medical Journal on the reports from an ordinary hired journalist  Brian Deer claimed that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s studies were faked and he altered the data on his study which links the MMR vaccine to children’s bowel disease.

Dr. Wakefield treatment throughout his ordeal has been deplorable, concocted and falsely he has been accused of wrongdoing and stripped of his medical practice license.

This of course is due to the BMJ’s ties to pharmaceutical influences throughout the time he discovered the link and a month ago with the so called “investigative” reports from Brian Deer who has an agenda which is protect the interests of vaccine makers.

New American MMR Vaccine and Bowel Disease Studies Prove Wakefield was Right

New American Studies today in February 2011 conducted by a team of doctors at Wake Forest University School in the state of North Carolina studied and tested over 275 children a much larger study than Dr. Wakefield.

The discovery of the Forest University backs up Dr. Wakefield’s reports of a bowel disease where out of  82 of the children 70 of them tested positive for the measles virus.

A spokesman Dr. Stephen Walker states that from the results all of the research points to a vaccine strain of the virus (that which is injected into children) not another typical strain of measles found naturally from child to child type introductions.

The research these doctors undertook, proves that in the intestines of children or the gastro-intestinal tracts of those who have been diagnosed with autism the children were found to have the measles viruses from the vaccine they were given in their gut.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is Vindicated with New Studies

This is proof positive that Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study is correct and he obviously did not fake or manipulate any data that was claimed by the reporter for the British Medical Journal.  The North American media has accepted the reports from the journalist rather than find the truth about the verified link between autism and the MMR Vaccine.

13 Years of Proof of Vaccine Damage from the MMR Vaccine to Children

In 1998 which is 13 years ago Dr. Wakefield and other doctors at the Royal Free Hospital along with 12 doctors in that hospital found the same findings as the American doctors at Forest University.

Doctors Pressured to Lie about Dr. Wakefield’s Study at the Royal Free Hospital

Later these doctors under pressures from the medical community and most likely the pressures and threats by pharmaceuticals to lose their license as did Dr. Wakefield all retracted their reports and denied the findings.

Dr. Wakefield never went so far to say there was a link he merely suggested there could be a reason for concern and that the British government should make the triple dose optional and have single doses for Mumps, one for Measles and one for Rubella. But the British government also with ties to campaign money from drug makers refused to look at even the request of such an idea.

The drug companies went after Dr. Wakefield with every thing they had -took away his license, denounced his reports, condemned his reports through various medical journals and sources.  They knew he was right and they stopped him cold for the profits they are making still today on the MMR vaccine.

In retrospect, instead of investigating Dr. Wakefield’s study they pounced on it immediately which is highly suspicious and out of line.  The medical community denounced him as a fake with no evidence to the contrary and this group never followed up and conducted their own studies again this is highly unacceptable.

The MMR Vaccine is Proven to Damage Children with Autism and Bowel Disease

The MMR Vaccine contains a multitude of toxic material.

Here are just some of the ingredients:

The premise that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks is a false leader in an heavily funded advertising campaign that drug companies have spent millions of dollars in order to protect their profits.

The MMR vaccine contains mercury which is highly toxic to humans.

Merck is the manufacturer that produces the MMR vaccine. The warnings on the inserts of the MMR vaccine clearly indicated that persons with “a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid or other immune reactions or allergy to eggs is written on the label.

The problem is a baby is too young for parents or doctors to know the reactions until after they receive the vaccine therefore it is like playing Russian roulette with an infant.

The MMR vaccine is given to babies only 6 months old who’s immune systems have not fully developed and certainly not enough to take a triple dose of a heavy duty vaccine for 3 illnesses.

We term them illnesses because every kid who became an adult got the measles or mumps which builds up their immune systems naturally. In the 1950’s parents held measles parties so their kids could get the measles naturally and the body develops its own natural antibodies which are more preferred than a synthetic method of vaccinations.

Other Studies that Prove Dr. Wakefield’s Study is Valid and Correct

Another study conducted 11 years ago by another doctor John O”Leary at the St. James Hospital and Trinity College in Dublin has duplicated the same findings as Dr. Wakefield and the new Wake Forest Study that has just been published.

Vaccinating Pregnant Mothers is Deadly Wrong for the Fetus

The vaccinating of a young woman with the MMR vaccine  is recommended 3 months prior to the time she becomes pregnant under the fear that she may carry a child with the diseases is preposterously wrong.  The young woman will have stored mercury in her organs, tissues and blood and therefore any child she would carry within 3 months of any vaccine will be affected by the ingredients she was injected with before she became pregnant.  The chemicals will still be passed on to the fetus and therefore damage to an unborn baby will be clearly a very high risk.

The Evidence is Clear- The MMR Vaccine must be stopped immediately and the American government, the UK government and all countries must stop using the  MMR vaccine.

The triple dose vaccine must be banned and stopped to prevent more children from acquiring Autism and intestinal bowel diseases.

It is also evident that vaccines are not studied thoroughly enough to prove their efficacy, to prove they are safe and to prove they are of any benefit.   No matter how many journalists the drug companies hire, and no matter how many journals they financially support there is a substantial link of autism and now a bowel disease attributed to the MMR Vaccine.

The media has been used to discount and disprove Dr. Wakefield’s studies however the more they attempt to do so they dig themselves deeper into a pit of a cover up.  The pit that destroys people’s children and makes them disabled is a disgusting way that pharmaceutical company CEO’s make a living and the journalists that support this system of defective drugs and vaccines.

We counted how many US media networks trashed Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s response to the recent attempt to discredit him by the BMJ and were appauled at how badly they wanted to crucify this doctor.

Today in 2011 more children are being born with diseases, disabilities, autism, cancer, diabetic, bowel diseases and many many illnesses that were not common ten or 20 years ago.  Today kids are being born with diseases that are incurable and unexplainable by doctors.

The reason is a very high increase in the number of untested vaccines given to people who are passing on these chemicals to their babies.  Therefore the whole pharma machine of profits comes secondary to the health of the public which the US government has failed for decades to protect.  It all has to stop now.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper led the charge with the first interview which was an attack interview, then we heard from the other discrediting and another attack interview from George Stephanopolous on ABC’s Good Morning America which was absolutely disgraceful.  We gave the NBC Today Show a complete miss expecting the same type of interview which not only was biased but a phony attempt at

It all failed to convince the public and other media networks and it was essentially a community effort to use the media to attack Dr. Wakefield for no purpose than to sell more defective and dangerous vaccines to innocent children.

That is why the main stream media has lost its moral compass and why the journalist industry of news has become a corrupt sell out to corporate interests.

You have only to look at the Amish, or Societies that due to religion do not vaccinate their children. By far, and in proven statistics these children do not die in great numbers in fact they do not die from the reported miscalculated figures given by the CDC and the National Institute of Heath. The facts are simply not supported by reality.

The majority of children are born healthy and with a good start in life but are badly damaged the minute someone starts injecting them with carcinogens.

If by chance there is not enough information here to make an informed decision about how many vaccines and which vaccines you give to your children or future children – then seek more information below in our article archives.

We have done extensive study and research to bring you the real information about the dangers of vaccines today and you must act as your own doctor in a system that is far too corrupted to be believable.

Go to Dr. Wakefield’s Website for further information, its called:

Callous Disregard

Source- The Daily Mail Online

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