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Revised October 20, 2009  10:00 a.m.
October 19, 2009  8:40 a.m.  The Airing of Ann Curry and Suzanne Somers Interview on NBC
It was with shock and awe that we watched Ann Currie of NBC doing an interview of Suzanne Somers on the today show this morning October 19, 2009. We were expecting a reporter like Ann Currie to have some of her own ideas instead of following the network party lines that support drug makers. But to keep your high paying job today -you do just about anything including “attacking” alternative medicine.
This morning Ann Currie the darling of NBC interviewed Suzanne Somers on her new book called Knockout which is about alternative medicine doctors and they talked about the dismal results of cancer cures in the last 50 years.
As billions and billions of dollars are donated to the American Cancer Society and to the so called scientists to find a cure for cancer -they do not have one. After billions of dollars are spent on the wrong method of curing cancer -no results have proven successful. In fact the American Cancer Society uses most of its donations to advertise for more donations and very little if any money goes to cancer research that works.
After millions of people have been prescribed and take chemotherapy drugs which kill the human body’s immune system -no cure has been found.   In fact more people are dying of cancer than ever before. Sure you hear of percentages of cures a 75 percent chance of re-occurrence is what you hear but no positive results. You do not hear the word “cure’ with cancer drugs like chemotherapy. The doctor announces the patient is “Cancer Free” after destroy the body defense mechanism. Alternative medicine does not destroy the immune system it works with the body when it comes to alternative medicine millions of people have been cured namely the author of this article.
The obvious question is why are TV networks protecting a system of drugs, radiation and cancer treatments that do not work? Why are they so against alternative medicine? That’s a good question because if you truly want a cure for cancer (Ann Curry’s sister has breast cancer and is monitored for re-occurrence) you would rationally embrace the truth not denounce it.
Ann Currie  interviewed Suzanne Somers this morning and did what is called “ a hatchet Job” on alternative health doctors and tried to discredit the advancement of alternative health in quite an attack mode interview.
In fact NBC followed the interview with a “supposed” drug that cures cancer in dogs. The story on the dog cancer was longer than Ann Curry’s interview with Somers and the dog cancer story lauded this “new” untested drug in great praise and confirmed this drug actually works to cure dog cancer.
More on that later. We know that TV networks get millions of dollars of advertising revenue from the commercials they air -mostly from drug manufacturers. That is why you see so many Viagra commercials on the evening news and dozens of drug commercials on every show. If there is a drug -MSNBC or NBC will air it continuously so as to “brainwash” the masses into a drug taking state. No wonder the US has become a pill-popping society thanks to the false advertising and repetitious drug company commercials.
Well this morning Ann Currie took aim at alternative health doctors and tried to discredit alternative medicine. Alternative doctors who are indeed having greater success than the drug company’s that pay Curry’s salary.
Questions to ask Ann Curry and NBC are the following:
Why are you giving attention to the drug company’s that make chemotherapy drugs that are failures is more the question Ann?

Why is MSNBC and NBC advertising for drug manufacturers and accepting ads from pharmaceutical company’s that manufacture drugs that do not work?

How much money do drug ads bring into NBC revenues and how much influence does that buy to control media news?
The word “remission” is a fallacy and gives the patient a false sense of security but it is used by doctors after chemotherapy drugs or radiation that have not proven to cure any diseases.  Since the chemo drugs do not prevent further occurrences doctors call for even more chemo drugs, and if you think about this it is a profit machine and nothing more. By using chemo and radiation there have been no improvements or short term reports that the cancer is “gone”.  Cancer cannot be gone because using carcinogenic chemicals does not cure cancer.
The only successes are those of drug company profits where they have no financial incentive to cure cancer. There are cures to cancer and other countries that are not corrupted and who allow scientists, researchers and the treatments in their country will find more acceptance than in the US corporate drug controlled world.
Why is it Ann Curry – that the war on cancer is a dismal failure as Suzanne stated and has been for decades? By using chemo and radiation there have been no improvements and the mortality rates have flat lined along with the cancer patient. The word “remission” is also misleading as the chemo does not prevent further occurrences in fact chemo drugs invite more cancer to grow.
Those questions Ann are what you should have been investigating instead of speaking in such negative terms about alternative medicine of which you know nothing about and had a goal of discrediting alternatives to chemotherapy.
Dr. Burzynski name came up who is an expert in cancer research and has defined a peptide in the liver that controls cell multiplication.  Now is this not a field of research that the FDA should be embracing and drug company research labs should be working on with Dr. Burzynski?  As Somers explains Dr. Burzynski of Poland has replicated that peptide and has been treating cancer patients successfully even those with inoperable brain tumors and stage 3 and 4 pancreatic cancer. Somers is right to be speaking of these cures unless you believe the FDA who’s track record on cancer cures is also pretty dismal.
Suzanne Somers interviewed doctors in her book “Knockout” that are discredited by Ann Curry in this interview and no matter how the FDA charges these doctors with legal action they will not stifle or stop the truth. Burzynski has complied with the FDA and in fact fought the trumped up charges in court as Somers points out and he won.
The USA has too many corporate sponsors of cancer and therefore you will never see a cure in the United States for cancer because it will come from a foreign country where they do not put researchers and doctors in jail or threaten them with legal action. This will not stifle the cure -it will only accelerate it with alternative medicine being the leader in cancer research and not the self-serving networks that support a corrupt system of the cancer industry.
When Curry says the alternative doctors are “Lucky to have you speaking for him” it is because alternative doctors are being attacked constantly by the cancer industry. On the other hand drug makers are “Lucky to have Ann Curry as their support person” on drug cancer cures. The drug company’s are luck that they pay NBC millions of dollars to -discredit alternative medicine on national television every day. Yes Ann Curry they are luck indeed to have you as one of their own and how your questions were meant to discredit doctors and scientists that are working on a cure for cancer -instead of prolonging the disease.
The question Ann Curry should have asked is why are these doctors being silenced by the FDA?

Who is the FDA promoting Ann?

Why does your network not give a balanced interview without attacking alternative medicine and the respected author of a book that you obviously did not read? 

The cancer industry is comprised of the corrupt government agencies such as: the FDA, CDC, NIH and politicians who are receiving campaign contributions from drug manufacturers. People don’t need chemotherapy as much as they need something that prevents the cancer and kills cancer cells not healthy normal cells. Chemo drugs kill everything in side the human body that stops the cancer -this is junk science and these drugs fail every time to prevent  or cure cancer.

Cancer is a big business in fact it is an industry that promotes drugs and chemicals that destroy the ability to heal the cancer but instead the drugs destroy the person. The fact that the FDA is threatening alternative doctors indicates that these methods are working and the FDA is protecting the drug company’s instead of curing cancer.
Somers goes on to explain and she should know as a former breast cancer patient that cancer is a multi- billion a dollar a year business and the death rate has only dropped 5 percent.  At this point NBC goes to commercial  and they cut Somer off when she tried to present the truth.  That was a poor and biased interview which did not present the facts, and misleads the public into thinking alternative medicine is not a viable cure for cancer and that people are led to believe it does not work.  Thanks for the insightful interview Ann and thank NBC for once again proving they are in the pocket of big Pharma.
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As usual the NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN networks spent more time on Balloon Boy than real journalism and the real truth about cancer studies. In fact the media networks all hail October as Breast Cancer month where we are to mourn the millions of women who died of breast cancer because they can’t cure it.
Instead of presenting facts about alternative medicine they have people like Dr. Nancy Sniderman pushing the untested and dangerous H1N1 Vaccine.

NBC Sniderman's "Get Your Damn Vaccine" Promoting Faulty H1N1 Vaccine
NBC Sniderman's "Get Your Damn Vaccine" Promoting Faulty H1N1 Vaccine

Just like Dr. Nancy Sniderman the resident medical director or VP of Spreading False News on H1N1 Vaccines who tells people “just go and get your damn vaccine” was blatently promoting the new H1N1 Vaccine before it is even tested.

This is the kind of news media trash that makes false statements on the safety of drug manufacturers vaccines all the more disturbing to viewers and cancer survivors.  This is just another example of the NBC network’s biased and their backing the misleading information on the safety of the swine vaccine. Nancy Sniderman also makes a pretty high salary although probably not as much as Ann Curry makes at NBC.  Money for nothing and your drugs for free as the saying goes but these women are losing all credibility and so is the network.  Just go get Your Damn Vaccine is quite a revealing statement.  Ann Currie and Dr. Nancy Sniderman are not anywhere near the Edward R. Morrow’s of today or the Walter Chronkites who would not sell themselves out to promote a failed system of drugs and bend to the corporate world of cancer for profit.  This is not “gutsy journalism” and these women have lost all their ethics for their jobs.

Ann Curry Sleazy Attack on Alternative Medicine
Ann Curry Sleazy Attack on Alternative Medicine
Suzanne Somers Interview on NBC-Currie Blasts Alternative Health
Suzanne Somers Interview on NBC-Currie Blasts Alternative Health

46 thoughts on “NBC Ann Curry Alternative Doctors -Suzanne Somers”

  1. She was just following orders that come from the CEO’s at NBC, who’s revenues from drug co’ ads are more important than the truth. They are paid to lie about cancer cures for money, while people are dying. Nice business. Mainstream television is on the track of corporate influenced not the real stories and certainly not the truth.

    PN Editor

  2. NBC is the Drug Cartel of television Networks, followed by CNN, CBS and ABC in order of how much influence the drug company’s have over their news reports and their fictional pro-swine flu vaccine fictional news stories.

    We keep an eye on all of them. Thanks for your comments. You really have to wonder why Ann Currie would stoop so low as to affect her objectiveness in news reporting. Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave, and Edward R. Morrow well lets say she is not a role model for integrity in journalism. Any awards Ann Currie receives were bought and paid for by her network. The interview with Suzanne Somers was just one example of NBC’s need to clean up their act-but drug company revenues have them by the ….well lets say NBC is a controlled network who’s CEO has been castrated.

    Politicol News

  3. I saw that interview live and Ann Curry totally embarrassed herself. It’s fine to try to ask questions….it’s not okay to NOT listen to any of the answers to the questions you ask!!! I’ve been boycotting the Today show ever since.

  4. Suzanne is a brave chick – do you have a radio schedule for her show? Please post here and thanks for your announcement.

    Politicol News

  5. Ann Curry was disrespectful to Suzanne by cutting her off, but in so doing, validated the fact that there is truth to what Suzanne was saying! I, by the way am a die hard Suzanne Somers fan and agree 100% with her beliefs. Thank you Suzanne for not being afraid to speak up and speak the truth!

  6. Thank you for your rebuttal of the Today Show’s Ann Curry and Suzanne Somers interview; I was very disappointed in Ann Curry and could see very well who was “writing her check” (and the Today Show’s check, for that matter)… It was clear Ann was out to cement herself as a ‘hard core’ journalist, and to protect the show’s sponsors. I went onto the NBC website and was astonished to see the Today Show under “News” rather than “Shows”…is this what passes for News in this country?? Any show that has an hour of girl gabbing is NOT a NEWS show…it’s a reality / talk show {at best}, and I think it’s misleading of them to advertise it otherwise. I’m sick of the lying in the media….what ever happened to the truth?

  7. Ann Curry is just like the other paid journalists on the major networks they are puppets that report whatever the network sponsors dictate-there is not one shred of evidence she presented to refute the scientific studies of Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Gonzales. NBC did realize that Curry went too far and the next day presented another interview where they actually let Suzanne Somers speak about her experiences. What was truly shocking was that 6 professionally trained specialists all thought she had cancer and were all fooled by a fungal infection. That fact by itself tells you more about what is wrong with our modern medicine practices and the fact that they cannot even distinguish between a fungal infection and cancer and that was very scary.

    Gossip shows on NBC present a fake representation of American life and they have very little expertise in the truth.

    Thank you for you valuable contribution to our site.

  8. Never forget > Medicine is BIG Business.

    86% of ALL Physicians are “Employee’s” of larger Health Systems.
    Even the remaining % of Independents are affiliated to large Health Systems.

    Long gone are the stereo typical Dr.’s of old

    Each Physician’s > Scope of Practice / Salary / Bonus > is “Shaped” by the financial goals of the Host / Mother Health Care System.

    Profit max Health Care Systems “Direct” their Medical Employee’s to the CPT Codes that PAY .. and “Suggest” stay away from others that do not.

    New Medical Technology is often Disruptive to establised Health & Insurance Structures …
    they Do not want their Patient Care $$ Models to be Challanged.

    While I do not wish to paint a glum picture for the Future…
    the only chance we have is to be Pro-Active Medical Consumers with our Dr.’s and Health Care Systems.

    Perhaps .. little by little ..
    We as “Customers” in this Medical Business Model … thru Educated Choices …can create a Model Shift in a direction positive to Pro-Active Prevention Patient Care.

    Unfort.. .. my Cynical Self only keeps repeating the mantra > He who owns the GOLD > Rules.
    and we know who that is…

    Press ON .. However > The Cost of InAction is Greater than No Action at ALL .

  9. Well said Stephen -we could not have said it better ourselves. The medical establishment does not have the cure to disease but rather have sold themselves over for financial interests through the money making patents. However the drugs and vaccines are not improving people’s health and they have had their chances plus billions of dollars to work with to find a cure.

    With that said there are still some doctors who want to cure diseases and help their patients and they are waking up to stand up to this massive onslaught of drugs and chemical vaccines that they themselves know do nothing to improve human health.

    The time for corporations running the health system of the US has to come to a grinding halt and their pocket politicians along with them.

  10. The truth in journalism is gone- its all about corporate greed and profits and the news is a commercial for drug company’s nothing more. Citizen journalism has the facts and the truth without profit as its goal. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Ms. Curry has fallen prey to the “must-behave-like-aggressive-ahole-male-infotainment-interviewers” in order, as a woman, to feel respected or get ahead in her chosen field of “tele-journalism.” Ms. Curry, stand up, throw selfishness to the wind and chart your own course. Otherwise, your short-term career gains are our long-term losses. Have you no shame?

  12. I was very amazed at how Ann Curry come off as superior to such a killer disease.
    The who interview was very very embaressing yet as usual Ms Somer’s was a lady with gut’s of steel, and yet responded with grace and that charming class she holds in honest.
    I cannot say the same for Ann or the network she works for WORKS FOR- As I trust she will be repremanded for such nasty and snide precious moments that just might save alot of live’s- I am biased and 100% for alternative ,as well as the freedome and options to not be bluffed around by this kind of bull we are fed by the FDA as well as those who are paid by the FDA !
    I can say FOX NEWS RULES-
    Thank you , Suzanne for natural skin care, healthy food and valuable life saving information.

  13. That is why Obama has to clean house if he is ever going to accomplish anything – all the top executives of the FDA ( all men)
    must be fired and if they hired breast cancer survivors…wouldn’t the world be a better place?

    We think Suzanne Somers would be an excellent choice for the Head of the FDA.

    Thanks for your comments.

  14. We have already boycotted NBC, it not a viable source of accurate information.

    Spread the word…we are not going away and we are not giving up.

    Fight for what you believe in…or be taken advantage of…the FDA needs major overhauling by people who
    care about human health. Not drug zombies.

    Thank you for stopping in and commenting.

  15. We thank you for your comment and agree with you – breast cancer patients live longer without chemo or radiation.
    Alternative health works very well and cures cancer, drugs only prolong cancer.
    We support you in your fight with breast cancer and wish you a healthy life.
    More people need to stand up to the control that drug company’s have over our society starting with the government agencies
    such as; FDA, CDC, NIH and the Obama administration who has done nothing to clean up the FDA. Heads must roll, people
    should be fired – there are many willing Americans out of work…that would gladly do a better job with no corruption especially at the top
    executive levels.

  16. When Walter Cronkite died – so did truth in journalism. Where are the Edward R. Morrow’s of the future?
    Diana Sawyer has our vote for more truthful interviews without this vicious attitudinal problem at NBC, not that ABC doesn’t
    air drug commercials on the evening news – they just have a more balanced style of reporting -but they need improvement too.

    All the networks need to clean up their act -the FTC has new regulations – lets see if it applies to drug company’s also.
    Thanks for your valuable contribution to this discussion.

  17. Shame more on NBC executives. Their policies must change to reflect the truth in journalism and advertising. Our eyeballs hurt from too many Viagra commercials.

    Thank you for your comments- we love to hear from you.

  18. Thank you for your comments and we like the looks of your beef stew recipe – a must save for our readers! There is a limit to how much
    you can pull over on the American Public and we believe we have all had enough of the lies, misleading advertising and pumping up of drug company profits while people are getting sick in greater numbers and dying from drugs and vaccines. Mainstream media does not reflect the truth and it is distorted by corporate profits. Somers has hit a nerve and people are responding to her because she is telling the truth and there are plenty of cures for cancer but the FDA is trying to prevent cures.

    Do add our link to your friends – and your comments are always welcomed. Thank you.

  19. It takes a very strong woman to do what Suzanne Somers is doing today -a cancer survivor taking on an network television and drug companies at the same time. Our hats are off to the lady.

    Thank you for your comment – we have had a great response to the interview.

  20. Curry doesn’t seem to be as her usual self after the hatchet job interview that her network ordered her to conduct with Suzanne Somers and it was painful obvious they (NBC) were out to ‘get’ her. Where is the FTC and what are they doing about false advertising on network television? You have to wonder why CNN canceled their interview?

    Thank you for your valued comment.

  21. I saw the interview and thought it was biased as far as Ann Currie was concerned. I felt she got hung up on the controversy surrounding the Doctor in the book and didn’t ask any informative questions as to Suzanne Somers’ experiences. I wanted to hear more about how she battled her recent illness. I used to like Ann alot, but, recently have noticed her biases showing. I always thought she was more open-minded. I guess I was wrong.

  22. Wow. this is the first time I have seen this site and I love this article. Keep up the good work. I am a nutritionist in NYC and can not stand how much garbage information is spread through mainstream media, especially relating to cancer. Thanks guys. WIll definitely be sending your link out to my list and friends!

  23. it is painfully obvious that nbc tv and anne curry are solidly in bed with the american drug cartel. they are using the supposed respectability of network television to search out and destroy any alternative voices that might in any way impact the dollars flowing into the network coffers.
    anne curry told suzanne somers after the interview that her father was given one final dose of chemo that killed him. curry’s sister had chemo for her breast cancer and it appears that she is now in jeopardy herself.
    why then, with curry’s personal experience in her own family with the devastating effects of chemo poisoning would she stump for the drug companies? follow the money. money trumps everything; even though curry’s family must watch her in horror as she attempted to silence suzanne somers. CURRY’S OWN DAD WAS KILLED WITH CHEMO. HER OWN SISTER IS SUFFERING FROM THE SAME POISON.
    curry’s family knows the truth. they know she is lying to protect her job with no regard for the truth and no respect for the memory of her own father.
    is it any wonder why nbc’s revenues have plummeted in recent years. is it any wonder why viewers are running from nbc and fattening up the ratings for so-called right wing cable networks like fox news who are fearless and articulate and straight with their viewers.

  24. A well- written article. I recently had a mastectomy and refused chemotherapy despite the pressure from several doctors and family. I hope Suzanne can continue to spread the knowledge and facts that pharmaceutical companies are trying to hide. i only wish she had released this book in April prior to my surgery…

  25. Boycott NBC News…money talks when people walk. Suzanne is brave and has opened the door. Now we need to march on behalf of cancer patients everywhere who deserve to know that they have choices.

    I’m halfway thru KNOCKOUT and cannot put it down. My mother died of colon cancer 3 years ago (after getting chemo) and I wish I had known then about Drs Bursinski and Gonzalez.

    God bless Suzanne Somers. And god bless these doctors who aren’t giving up.


  27. Totally. You must see our updated article on Nancy Sniderman also -just posted on the front page. You just have to see the video to know this woman is a brainwashed robot and again she has as much credibility as a rock. We all know these women are making the big bucks -but they have sold their souls your right and they are proud of it. It is evident that NBC has become the “Drug Cartel of the Morning Shows” sort of like your Morning Drug Pusher Show. It is almost like Sniderman’s hand comes out of the TV with a bottle of pills in one hand and a pig vaccine in the other to jab you with in the other forcing the masses into popping pills. It is also worse at night if you ever watch NBC evening news -the viagra, lipator and other drug ads are astounding us.

    Thanks very much for your support and comment – we totally agree.

  28. Thank you for your comment – we did hit a nerve and have had a tremendous response to Ann Curry’s failed attempt at discrediting Suzanne Somers and the alternative medicine doctors who are actually curing cancer. We appreciate the support of people who have written to us for this article and we will be monitoring the networks for any attempts at this type of hatchet job interviews of those persons’ such as Suzanne Somers who have the guts to speak out – loud and clear. As a result of this vile interview -we will join Suzanne and we have since our inception called out those who are portraying snake oil drugs that do not work. we applaud Somers for standing up to the cancer industry which prolongs cancer for profits.

  29. We have had a great response to our article because it hit a nerve with many people about the truth that has gone out of journalism and the false claims of drug company’s including this cancer industry which is big business. No doubt Ann doesn’t take an aspirin but you know if her employer dictates to her -how she should attack someone -perhaps she should seek another network.

    We all see Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric do interviews also and they have not-crossed the line like Curry did with Suzanne Somers yesterday. It was truly the most vial attempt at discrediting alternative medicine that is safe, nourishes the body, cures diseases and all we get from the networks are trash interviews. It all has to stop and stop now.

    From now on we will call out the networks on their false statements about drugs, and their admonishments of alternative medicine. We won’t put up with these attempts and alternative medicine is not going away any time soon. You wonder why Americans have to fly to China to get stem cell treatments that cures: COPD, MS, Parkinsons, or Arthritis – it is because the Drug company’s are enjoying making billions on drugs that do not work. There are cures for these diseases but they are halted with the help of the FDA and the US government that allows this junk science to continue to kill Americans. Chemotherapy drugs is like drinking a glass of Drano and you expect to survive this assault on your body?
    Not a chance. The theory of chemotherapy is ancient medicine and its time for it to go along with the dinosaurs.

    Thank you for you great comments though…Ann Curry does not get a free pass.

  30. P.S. You don’t have to post this, but interesting to note that Suzanne posted on her FB page that after the interview, Ann was telling her that she never even takes aspirin and likes alternatives and that her father’s last round of chemo before he died was a waste. She was under pressure for sure to make her interview as harsh as possible…

  31. Your article was so RIGHT ON TARGET that I have no words to add. All I can say is BRAVO!!!!!! Finally someone with guts who knows how to write the truth! We stand in support of Suzanne and her mission!

  32. No, we are not surprised at Ann Curry. She is doing her job like a good controlled Nazi would do. Reporting lies and deception on a daily basis is what she enjoys and feels proud in doing so. In trying to make Suzanne Somers look foolish she herself has become the FOOL. Suzanne was speaking from her HEART (something Anne can’t relate with because she is brainwashed) and reporting FACTS about ways to be healed. But the AMA and FDA are afraid of Suzanne. Every time Suzanne writes a book or goes public with new and good information that will help sick and hurting people “they” go balistic. And that disgusting Nancy Sniderman wow what a good right hand man for the NWO she will be. They can use her to help force the Kool Aide to millions who have no understanding and trust their wonderful health professionls. Both Anne and Nancy have sold their souls to Satan who keeps them controlled and brainwashed. But then they enjoy it as good little Nazi puppets do.

  33. Yes we were quite surprised at Ann although many people say she does this all the time except when she is making “goo goo eyes” at Brad Pitt. We hope Brad Pitt thinks twice before he gets interviewed by Ann Curry again. The Somers interview was considerably more damaging to NBC and Ann Curry herself and she left us with a very distorted image on alternative medicine which was of course very inaccurate and misleading the public. We suppose NBC thinks it can slide into better ratings by reporting lies and attacking medicine that really works!

    Thank you for your comments- we believe Suzanne Somers won this one -big time. NBC is not to be trusted in their stories and misrepresentation of facts.

  34. We totally agree and could not respond fast enough to this hatchet interview job that Ann Curry did on the Today Show. It was a glowing example of what is wrong with network media news and views. It is of no wonder that the internet is taking over and rightly so because networks thrive on drug company advertising revenue. The networks are willing to put their own reputations on the line to “promote, sell and give misleading information” on the efficacy of drugs, vaccines, chemo drugs and radioactive treatments that damage the human body. This system of ancient medicine has gone the way of dinosaurs -it does not and will never work. Yet people keep pouring money into cancer research only to find the money goes to “advertising” for more donations.
    Cancer is a business and it is an “industry unto itself” all you have to do is get the quarterly revenue figures of drug company’s and watch how the H1N1 vaccine for example brought over 2 billion dollars from the US government into their pockets. Funny we don’t hear Ann Curry doing a studied interview on this subject.

    We are definitely recommending that people who are diagnosed with cancer -or any other auto-immune system diseases to read Suzanne’s book before they even think of getting chemo treatments or taking the swine vaccine or any drug for that matter.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and accurate assessment of Ann Curry’s interview and the lack of ethics in journalism at NBC.

    The Politicol News Staff

  35. Yes it was interesting how NBC cut Suzanne Somers answers off and how Ann Curry did the same during her interruptions and putting Somers on the defensive. A tactic that was so obviously staged and planned. Curry should realize she was found out and we don’t appreciate her lack of knowledge of alternative medicine. After all unfortunately her sister received chemotherapy – she really needs to question that decision. Very rude interview to say the least and an example of a poorly thought out attack interview. Back to the drawing board NBC-you did more to discredit your pharma policies than ever before and remember your viewers are watching this and are not believing your true motives.

    Thanks for your valued comment.

    Politicol News Staffer

  36. Ann Curry is no Edward R. Morrow and she proved it in this interview with Suzanne Somers by attacking alternative medicine she brought to light the overwelming suppression of cancer therapies that do not include drug company products which prove to do more harm than good to the human body. Suzanne Somers has become an authority on alternative medicine simply because she did the research and has taken the treatments herself. That to the average viewer is more believable than an TV reporter who has done neither and is simply “following orders” to get a paycheck.

    Thank you for your valued comment.
    Politicol News Staffer

  37. CNN also gets big bucks on ad revenues from drug company’s and they fear the same type of control. We totally agree that these networks
    are presenting : unproven, distorted information on drugs, vaccines and chemotherapy for pharma profits. We await CNN’s interview with
    Suzanne Somers and will analyze that interview also.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Politicol News Staffer

  38. Suzanne’s scheduled Book Interview on the Larry King Live show Monday night at 9 PM was cancelled and replaced by Wolf Blitzer with nonsense content. The cancelled Larry King Show with Suzanne included two of the doctors from her book, Stanislaw Burzynski and Nicholas Gonzalez. Wolf says the show has been rescheduled for Friday night at 9 PM.

    Why the cancellation? I suspect the networks are being pressured by the cancer establishment not to air the show. After all, cancer treatment is a big business, and allowing Suzanne Somers to appear will take a huge bite out of annual profits for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery treatments for cancer. I seriously doubt the show will air at all.

    for more:

  39. Ann Curry is totally entitled to her opinion BUT it is not her job to INTEROGATE people. Her job is to INTERVIEW people. I’ve seen her blast other guests as she did Suzanne Somers, not letting the guest get a word in edgewise. Who does she (Ann) think she is? Whoever it is that she believes herself to be is not cut any more slack in the being rude department than anyone else. She’s no expert on the information was complied in Ms. Somers’ book. Although I may not agree with or choose to use any information in the Somers’ book, I appreciate that she took the time to share her experiences and resources with the public so that THEY can make choices about western, alternative, eastern or a combination of methods to battle cancer. When did jouranalists start to believe they THEY hold the key to THE TRUTH? They are there to ask QUESTIONS of not demean their guests. Ann was, again, out of line.

  40. I wanted to comment on the disrespect that Ann Curry showed her guest, Suzanne Sommers, by not allowing Suzanne the time to fully discuss her studies and findings within her own history. Ann continually talked over Suzane and cut her off in mid-sentence many times. I thought this to be rude and totally ineffective as a respected(?) journalist. The music signal at the end of the interview was very “Oscar” setting. Interviews are for the Guest to speak not for the Interviewer to espouse their own (or their networks) ideas. Ms. Curry was very rude and obviously enjoys the sound of her own voice.

  41. It was a sad day for Today…but not a surprise. Suzanne Somers did a stellar job making her point about how even the NY times says we are losing the War on Cancer but there are “alternative” doctors who ARE curing cancer. And for doing this they are harassed and tied up in legal battles with the FDA. Isn’t something wrong with this picture?

    Ann Curry showed her bias and just proved AGAIN that NBC News is in the tank for big business…pharma companies who flood them with ad revenue. She should stick to interiewing Brad Pitt.

    Suzanne’s book sounds like a breakthrough for all of us looking to knockout cancer and for patients who seek options. Suzanne has nothing to lose by telling the truth. Apparently, Ann does.

  42. THANK YOU. Ann Curry makes me sick. I cannot believe they invited Mrs. Somers on the show to treat her like that. People want help and alternative opinions and this is important information and we didn’t need to hear Ann Curry’s voice!

  43. I saw the interview and thought Ann Curry was just doing her job. I believe in bioidentical hormones and do not approve of our wholesale belief in pharmaceuticals. But Ms. Somers’ is presenting her opinion as information, and I think Ms. Curry was trying to balance that. I think everyone needs to do their own research and, if presented with a catastrophic health situation, make their own judgments about what is appropriate for them and their families. There are a lot of charlatans out there, too, and we’re victims of the drug culture in this society. We need to be our own advocates.

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