Nathan Sproul Fraud Voter Registrations in 10 Florida Counties

Sept. 29, 2012 More bad news on the story of Nathan Sproul a hired contractor by the Romney campaign and his company Strategic Allied Consulting.

Florida Election Investigation is Underway

The Florida Election officials are combing all the voter registration forms submitted by Sproul and his company and are finding evidence of Fraud.  Nathan Sproul has a long, long history of working elections dating back to 2004, 2008 and now this year he works for Mitt Romney campaign.

11 Florida Counties Have Problems with GOP Sproul Submissions of Voter Registration Forms:

So far, 11 counties have found problems with the GOP submissions from Nathan Sproul and his company Strategic Allied Consultant (SAC)

In the past Sproul’s company has been accused of destroying Democrat voter registration forms after a voter assumes they are registered to vote and on voting day they are not on the voter rolls because companies like this – will destroy the forms rather than submit them to County Clerks Offices.

The President of Florida State Assn of Supervisors of Elections Vicki Davis said she received reports from 11 counties with problem submissions from Sproul and it does not appear to be just one person:

She has reports from the following counties:   Lee, Bay, Clay, Santa Rosa, Escambia and Okaloosa counties and possibly fraudulent forms found in Charlotte, Walton, Miami-Dade and Duval counties.

Sproul’s company has different names in different states but he operates in: Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and possibly in more swing states.

What they Found

So far in Florida his submissions of voter registrations election supervisor’s have found many mistakes in the forms, wrong spelling of names, names that did not match signatures, multiple forms filled out, similar handwriting on voter forms, and one voter was registered is a car dealership address and another voter was deceased.

Nathan Sproul’s Long History of Working Elections for the Republican Party

The phony, erroneous submissions indicate Nathan Sproul was hired to commit fraud on behalf of the Republican Party, and officials found 100 problem registration forms.

All along, republicans have been claiming the Democrats were cheating and using fake information, when they are the ones perpetrating the fraud and voter suppression which is illegal under state and federal laws.

Boxer Calls for Enforcement of Illegal Acts of Voter Suppression

This evening, Senator from California Barbara Boxer called for the Department of Justice to start enforcing the law against voter suppression. So far 40 or more cases have been opened up this year alone however in the Nathan Sproul case -he has a very long history of working to “fix” elections for the republicans. George Bush hired him, Sen. McCain and now Mitt Romney paid a sum of 1.3 million in July and August and up to 3.1 million for Sproul’s services. While Sproul has this long history with republicans he also is keenly aware of how to “game” the system and fix the election

Charges of Destroying Democrat Voter Registration Forms

The State of Florida republicans indicated they submitted 45, 917 voter registration forms, to the state election website, but it is unknown if they registered any Democrat voters and then destroyed their forms. If this is the case, they are breaking the law no matter if it was just one individual or many that destroyed registration forms.

Strategic Allied said that the bogus forms could be traced to one person in Boynton Beach, William T. Hazard who submitted 106 forms, that had shady handwriting on the forms. Hazard spoke with election officials and denied he had forged any forms that he collected or wrote on them.

More investigating is taking place with just 39 days to go before the General Election, the Republicans have totally disrrupted voting in the State of Florida once again.

The fact is that Sproul’s company was hired to perform services in only the swing states where Republicans desperately needed a win, not in states they felt confident they would win. It was a concerted, planned and strategically advantageous move to hire SAC to perform these fraudulent services -exactly where they would benefit republicans the most and one key state is Florida.

As seen by the ledger of the GOP expenditures -Sproul’s company received the most dollars from the Romney campaign. The Vendor is listed as: Strategic Allied Consulting for an expense of $667,598.00 for one month’s services with a grand total of 3.1 million dollars for his services. (that we know of in the reports)

Earlier this year in Sacramento, California over 1,000 fraudulent voter registration forms were found submitted by a group hired by the California Republican party.

The Florida GOP quickly fired Sproul’s company hoping the matter would go away but it is clearly not going to be swept under the rug this time.

All voters in these states are advised to visit their local County Elections offices to ensure they are on the voter rolls in case their registration forms were possibly destroyed by this company.

They should be put out of business permanently and charges should be laid against this repeated violation of election laws.

NB: Nathan Sproul was paid nearly 8 million dollars by the Bush campaign in 2004 election to help deliver victory to George W. Bush.


Quote from 2006 East Valley Tribune:

“Political operative Nathan Sproul has made millions of dollars doing one thing: Building a bigger Republican Party.

His past success at recruiting voters has led many political observers to believe that the East Valley resident could be the most effective at what he does in the country.

So good in fact, that the Republican National Committee counted on him two years ago to help deliver victories for President Bush in key battleground states. He was paid nearly $8 million for his efforts in the 2004 election.  Supporters use terms like “political genius” to describe him. Opponents often question his tactics and have accused him of using unethical and illegal methods”

“The State of Arizona, paid Sproul $ 325,000 to get more voters to register with republcians and defeat Democrat although many people claim his methods may be illegal.”

From the Huffington Post:

From the Huffington Post, October 20, 2008 while working for Nominee Sen John McCain: 

Indeed, Sproul’s history is filled with allegations of political misdeeds. During the 2004 election, Sproul & Associates (the former name of Lincoln Strategy) was accused of attempting to destroy forms collected by Democratic voters in Nevada.

That same year 2004, in Oregon, Sproul & Associates allegedly instructed canvassers to only accept Republican registration forms in addition to destroying those turned in by Democrats.

The Institute for Public Accuracy in 2004 indicated Sproul and Associates in Nevada were seen ripping up registration forms for which they were paid $488,000 by the George Bush campaign.


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