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Jan 9, 2010

Your Bank is Just not  Into You

A new wave has taken over on Twitter and Facebook called Move Your Money which is causing a surge in social media gone political and an example of taking control back from the banks on Wall Street.

Since the stimulus flowed billions into the banks and in return they took the money and purchased more banks, rather than loan it to small business people are fighting mad.

People are mad at credit card company’s and banks who are raising interest rates sky high and in once case as high as 75 percent interest.  Citizens are taping Youtube videos showing themselves closing their accounts in large banks.  More Americans are trading their banks in from Wall Street to Main Street and flooding community credit unions with massive deposits leaving Wall Street’s vaults bare.

Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington has led the charge that makes sense and people like April Schiller from Seattle Washington are removing their money from the major banks. People are turning in the Chase Bank Accounts for small town banks in their own towns and as April Schiller said she was even thrilled when they sent her a hand written Christmas card.  She also liked the fact that people knew her at her bank and the personal touches made a big difference in how she felt about banking.

The trust of large corporations and banks is gone in America and small grass roots campaigns are proving successful in turning the tides back to power in the hands of the consumer.

She stated to ABC News that the response has been tremendous and on the site you put in your zip code and they will find you a local community bank.

The banks are solvent and secure banks on this site. You can access at:  Move Your Money

Fight back, game on.

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3 thoughts on “Move Your -Now”

  1. The most fantastic idea I’ve heard in since the 60’s! Banks,Congress, and Wall Street own our votes at the ballot box,but we can vote with our money;What little we have left that is.

  2. I’m a senior loan officer and work where the rubber meets the road: Believe me, the banks and lending institutions don’t give a damn– no matter what their fancy advertisements say. Don’t get mad! Give even! Move your money where it will do some good. If you have questions, e mail me.

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