Mosque Near Ground Zero

The Mosque Near Ground Zero is due to the American Muslim leader Feisal Abdul Rauf who wants to build a 15 story community center literally across the street from the remains of the Twin Towers. Feisal plans to build a mosque called the Cordoba House across from Ground Zero which is not a community center but a mosque is a place of worship.  The planned Mosque is only 600 feet away from where the Towers disintegrated from two jets that were plowed through them on September 11, 2001 that shook the world.

Mosque on Ground Zero
Mosque on Ground Zero

The questions remain exactly what will the attendees be worshiping at this mosque certainly it will not be American but instead it will be the Muslim faith.  Will they be mourning for the dead from 9/11 or praying for world peace in the Mosque or for the forgiveness they will never obtain?   The 100 million dollars spent on the mosque turned into a community center when the path opened up to an angry backlash from New Yorkers who live within the vicinity.

Those Against the Mosque

Those who waged a war against the center say that we are at war with Al Qaeda who claim they are receiving advice from the Koran to destroy the infidels to obtain a quick path to the 72 virgins.  Although may Islamic state they are not for Al Qaeda not many denounce the terrorists with great fervor.  It was Al Qaeda that brought the World Trade Center down and there has hardly been a proper memorial built to honor the souls lost on 9/11, 2001.  Many locals are protesting the destruction of a 154 year old building to build the mosque. Some angry sentiments are that NY should go ahead and build the mosque so it will be bombed also in retaliation.

Ground Zero-Site of 9/11 -Worst Terrorist Attack on US Soil
Ground Zero-Site of 9/11 -Worst Terrorist Attack on US Soil

There are preservation ordinances which are being waived for this building to be demolished and a mosque to be built in its place. The building is under the control of the Landmark Preservation Commission who approved the plan to add the mosque while keeping the facade facing the street the same.

A hearing today where the opposition strongly opposed the mosque turned vocal and one woman said ” it would be a terrible mistake to destroy a 154 year old building in order to build a monument to terrorism”.   Rick Lazio stood up and requested that Feisal who did not attend the hearing be investigated for ties to Al Qaeda.  But what was this man thinking if he could pull of a coup like this building a mosque across the street from Hallow Ground Zero. Protesters indicated they felt that the mosque would be a place for programming more studies on attacking the US.

Those in Favor of the Mosque

The pro-Islamic community center side state that this would help create a bridge between the non-violent Islamic and the US and that denying the mosque would be an example of US feelings against Islam and Islamophobia.

Mayor Bloomberg is on the side of building the mosque and stated that investigating it would be “un-American and goes “against what the nation stands for”.  Many GOP candidates do not agree and are campaigning against the Mosque at the World Trade Center such as Rick Lazio.  Lazio has called on the Attorney General to investigate where the money is coming from the fund the mosque.

Site of Mosque at Ground Zero
Site of Mosque at Ground Zero

However this is a judgment call for the commission set up to decide what will occur at the site which will have to be a very delicate adjudication of what is in poor taste and offends Americans who feel that Islam is still at war with the United States. Or will the commission decide that a mosque is better suited in this location than any other?  You would suppose if your going to build a Nazi community center dedicated to Adolph Hitler near Auchwitz it would make the same statement.

Perhaps when the terrorists put down their weapons and there is peace -there will be a community center. Additionally when the Muslim mosques are not used as indoctrinating centers for more hatred against the West, and when militant Muslims are not spreading hateful attacks on the streets of New York then this would seem a slightly plausible idea.

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Pamela Geller the Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America states her points in this video and to consider some thoughts on how Islamic Sharia Laws are being introduced to the United States.  The ideology of portions of the Islamic faith is that they must follow their own laws even if they are living outside their country of origin.   As Pamela states a part of the plane fell onto the top of this building and it should be considered a war memorial. Sharia law in a nutshell is a series of beliefs which enslaves women and subjects them to death if they are even suspected ( with no evidence) to be having an affair.  A perfect example is the woman in Iran Sakineah who has been sentenced to death by stoning for being suspected of having an affair, which is based on Sharia Law she can be killed by a brutal attack of rocks thrown at her body until she dies a cruel and indefensible death.

How can Americans support a faith – a mosque which advocates for laws which allow barbaric treatment and the killing of woman.  It appears Islam and those who promote this faith wish to take the world back a couple of thousand years.

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  1. I live in Canada and we have muslims here from all over the world who come to Canada to enjoy our freedoms. However they are attempting to establish there culture here also. There have been husbands who behead their wives, or just kill their daughters when the men disapprove of what they wear on their head. Or they kill their wives because it is the sharia law that allows them to do so. Then they get a lawyer who states this is their “culture”. I am not prejudiced but I object to any person trying to abuse a woman and if they are trying to change us- they are sadly mistaken. The US and Canada have their own culture and it is the immigrant who must change and adapt to OUR culture not the other way around. Or they can stay home and kill each other. This mosque if it is built will always be a source of anger and the respect is for our soil -not Muslim soil. This is our country and we must stand by and respect the ones who were slain that day, not any visitors who come here to enforce their own culture over our country’s laws.

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