Mormon Wars- Harry Reid v.s. Mitt Romney on Tax Returns

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is not backing off his comments that Mitt Romney has paid “NO TAXES” in the past 10 years.  However, Reid was attacked on the Sunday political shows yesterday by the RNC chair Reince Priebus in a game of calling each other liars.

Photo: Harry Reid

Dirty Harry Reid as he is called by the republicans, a Clint Eastwood character in the movies is quite a compliment for the mormon from the state of Nevada. Reid has revealed by his own words from a “credible source who invested in Bain Capital and knows that “Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years” said Harry.

Mitt Romney’s only response was to ask Harry Reid who his sources were, not exactly refuting that he had or had not paid taxes in the past 10 years but he only said “he paid lots of taxes” not exactly an accurate rebuttal to the charge. 

Romney is boxed into a corner with the accusations because if he does not release his 23 years of taxes, Harry Reid becomes the victor and if he does release the tax returns and there is something very damaging (which is the assumption on why he is not releasing the returns) then his goose is cooked both ways.

A summary of Romney’s tax release so far shows the IRS indicate his 2010 tax return was incomplete because it does not include forms for Foreign banks and investment holdings. So far this year, Romney has stalled his 2011 tax returns until after the GOP convention where he will be officially nominated. Romney’s tax returns are in a shambled mess, and will dog him until election day.

Photo: Mitt Romney