Monsanto Takes over State of Vermont

Monsanto to Sue Vermont over Labeling GMO

One half of the US has pending laws requiring food labeling and after the Pink Slime Fiasco, the USDA and FDA are in pretty bad shape in the view of the public and social media.

Barack Obama backed pharmaceuticals selling H1N1 Vaccines which turned out to be a bad hoax on America. Over 4 Billion Dollars was given to pharmas for a vaccine that did not work. Nice Job Obama.

Now he refuses to act on GMO foods, slime food and is too worried what Fox News will say about regulating filthy foods sold in America.  

Something has to be done about the Food

Since the last 20 years cows milk contains harmful bovine hormones, and in the last few years massive recalls have reached an all time high, making Americans leery of their government agencies.

Four Agencies Cannot Keep Food Clean or Do they Work for Corporate Interests

The US government employs thousands of employees at four agencies: none of whom can keep food safe for the public. The NIH, FDA, USDA and CDC are all useless and should be either disbanded or fired.

FDA Is a Joke even with More Sweeping Power Laws Passed in 2010

The FDA is supposedly responsible for keeping food from contamination and records show they have done a miserable job, so much so that the agency is not earning their keep. Besides replacing all the talking heads at the top who are tied to the hip with pharmaceuticals and factory farms, the agency needs to do their job or be fired.

The FDA has been too busy trying to shut down Amish milk farmers, to ever invest time doing audits on factory farms, they simply do not do their job. The FDA also has attacked organic health food stores instead of going after the real enemy of American families- the factory mass producing corporate farms.


The USDA in Bed with Monsanto- Factory Farms that make Pink Slime

The USDA is so deep in bed with Monsanto GMO you cannot tell when the corporate interests end and government controls begin. Former lawyer for Monsanto was Pres. Obama’s choice to head up the agriculture industry. Obama has made some damaging appointments when it comes to agriculture and terrible decisions to allow GMO into the food supply.

The pink slime scandal has exposed the USDA as an agent for BPI, AFA and other slime makers who now are fully endorsed and its all in the open. Tom Vilsack made an appearance at a BPI media blitz but he convinced no one. Vilsack did not even require by mandated law that ALL pink slime be labeled! Not even labeling is allowed in American the Filthy.

Now, states are considering taking matters into their own hands, and 20 states are suggesting laws to require labeling of genetically modified organisms GMO.

As it turns out – you can’t trust four government agencies to tell you the truth, which makes the Obama administration the worst ever when it comes to fake, plastic and dangerous foods.

Vermont Leads the Nation in Projected GMO Label Laws

In Vermont, a progressive state, the bill is called H-722 and it will require the mandatory labeling of GMO in foods. From the Millions against Monsanto, a march from New York to Washington, the pubic demands GMO labeling. They demand it now.

The people of Vermont have sent thousands of emails, letters and phone calls to their legislators to enforce GMO labeling and they want action. Vermont legislators who are beholding to corporate donations from Monsanto are holding up the bill. Now Monsanto has even threatened to sue the State of Vermont if the bill is passed, which sounds really strange.

The Public Demands Labeling of All GMO Products and Ingredients in Food

If a product is totally safe and without toxins – why would any one fight labeling their own products?

Monsanto Threatens to Sue a State for Label Laws?

But we know Monsanto likes to sue people, especially organic farmers, and those who chose NOT to use GMO seeds on their farms. ie) Percy Schmeiser a Canadian farmer who sued Monsanto and won when they tried to take his canola farm away from him, he fought them for years and won his case in the Canadian Supreme Court.

Since when does a corporation apply threats of lawsuits against a state for passing labeling laws?

This is how an evil corporation attempts to succeed in totally controlling the food supply and they are doing this in many countries. India has charged Monsanto for bio-piracy for infecting their cotton crops with GMO cotton which destroyed thousands of farmers. They also stole eggplant species and attempted to infect the eggplant crops, a vital source of food for India’s people.

GMO Foods Contain High Levels of Pesticides and are Harmful to Health

Monsanto has proven to be the most dangerous, corrupt organization that claims they have “patents and rights” on god made seeds. Monsanto did not make or produce the first seed, they only added pesticides to seed germs, and now claim they have ownership of the seed business. The US patent office were not in their right mind when they issued patents on seeds, a natural made product.

Of course the FDA has ignored the public outcry and sides with Monsanto that GMO which is pesticide food, is totally safe even though the chemicals are carcinogen. The USDA has just allowed Monsanto to use Agent Orange in food production which is totally deadly.


Obama Sides with Monsanto, Factory Farm Corporations -Not the Public Good

Mr. Obama has to wake up and smell the rot in his administration that is subservient to Monsanto, the factory farm corporations and clean up his act. But then again Obama doesn’t want give Republicans a reason to call him an over-regulator even when the quality of US food resembles that of Nigeria. Obama’s famous “messaging” problem and fear of Fox News prevents him from making practical, healthy choices for the public and his main concern is his re-election campaign.

That is why this is the only time, Americans can demand he change, not the country. Obama has to change his acceptance of Monsanto and factory farms in the agriculture polices or else face the damaging consequences in sky high healthcare costs.

The FDA has a long history of siding with corporate interests, even suppressing vital information on arsenic in apple juice, mercury fillings, BPA, slime hamburger and antibiotics in livestock which is refused by other countries. It is time for that hopey changy thingy to materialized before the November election.

We cannot depend on Pres. Obama to do the right thing, we cannot depend on him to protect the public from his profiting campaign donors. He doesn’t have your back.

Sick people cost a country money. Big money.

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