Monsanto Contaminating Drinking Water

Monsanto Contaminating Drinking Water  

There has been more than ample evidence, that the large agricultural use of pesticides, which has accumulated in volume over the years is making drinking water poisonous.

The carcinogen in Monsanto’s Round Up, is glyphosate and it is a known poison to human, plant and animal life.

New evidence has emerged proving the toxid pesticide is now contaminating ground water, making it’s way into wells, drinking water, springs and aquifers. The authors of the study are: Josep Sanchís, Lina Kantiani, Marta Llorca, Fernando Rubio, Antoni Ginebreda, Josep Fraile, Teresa Garrido and Marinella Farré.

The study was conducted by the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research in Barcelona, Spain. 

Study Findings:

1) The study report, released months ago found 41 percent of the 140  samples studied were analyzed and found to be above recommended limits to glyphosate and it is not breaking down quickly.

2) The claims made by Monsanto the chemical agriculture pesticide corporation claimed that glyphosate would break down quickly. 3) Finding that Glyphosate does not break down indicates that the chemical will be in ground water for a very, long time.  

3) Glyphosate is a deadly killer of human life with as little as 30 grams it can kill a person. 4) The Roundup Pesticides promised to be used “less” with Genetically Modified Organism Seed – GMO Seed but the opposite is true. More pesticides are used to kill the weeds, that farmers are experiencing with GMO seeds.


The study is available here:

Anal Bioanal Chem 2011 Nov 30 E pub 2011 Nov 20 PMID: 22101424

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“In other words, these farmers — many in dire economic conditions — were being directly exposed to Roundup in large concentrations without any protective gear (or even experience or skills in handling the substance). Still, the farmers say the tobacco giants required the struggling farmers to “purchase excessive quantities of Roundup and other pesticides.”

Most shocking, the farmers were ordered to discard leftover herbicides and pesticides in locations in which they leached directly into the water supply. With Monsanto’s Roundup already known to be contaminating the groundwater, this comes as a serious threat to pure water supplies.”

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