Monsanto Charged with Illegal Acts of Bio-Piracy

Monsanto Charged with Illegal Acts of Bio-Piracy

In an unprecedented move, India has charged the mega monster GMO agriculture monopoly giant Monsanto with an illegal act of bio-piracy on its soil.

India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) a government agency similar to the FDA of the United States declared a legal action has commenced against Monsanto (and their collaborators) for accessing and using local eggplant varieties of plants ( commonly known as Brinjal) to develope their Bt genetically enginnered version without the prior approval of the authorities which is considered an act of bio-piracy.

Monsanto Charged with Illegal Acts of Bio-Piracy

In other words, Monsanto attempted to sneak in their genetic versions of eggplant, common to the diet of the people of India without advising the government.

This is a very serious act of a conspiracy to genetically alter the food supply of a country and it is illegal, devious and also very harmful to the financial well being of the countries agricultural systems.

In the article on Green Med Info the abstract states:

Breaking News in Europe that Breaks Monsanto’s Claims to Patents on Seeds

” An Indian government agency has agreed to sue the developers of genetically modified (GM) eggplant for violating India’s Biological Diversity Act of 2002. India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) is alleging that the developers of India’s first GM food crop—Jalna-based Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company (Mahyco) partnered with St. Louis– based seed giant Monsanto and several local universities—used local varieties to develop the transgenic crop, but failed to gain the appropriate licenses for field trials.

At the same time, activists in Europe are claiming that patents on conventionally bred plants, including a melon found in India, filed by biotech companies violate farmers’ rights to use naturally occurring breeds.

Both these pending legal cases could set important precedents for biopiracy in India and Europe.

In another development in early November, the Munich-based European Patent Office referred to its Enlarged Board of Appeals a case involving conventionally bred tomatoes, which will likely shape any future enforcement of the Monsanto-owned melon patent, says Christoph Then, spokesman for advocacy group No Patents on Seeds.

“It is a signal that the European Patent Office has severe doubts about this kind of patent,” he says.”  end quote.

Monsanto has put out of business and take farmers off their farms by suing them in court, just as they tried to do in the USA and Canada.

First the seeds blow into a farmers field by wind and by natural methods, then Monsanto claims the farmer is infringing on their patents. Monsanto then drags farmers through the court system, and repossesses their land, farms and livelihood.

This is the most treacherous act of a corporation the world has ever seen since Hitler.

There is much to say about the terrorism Monsanto has instilled around the world with its GMO seeds and claims to have patents on seeds when the basis of their products are naturally found, seeds cannot be patented just by adding pesticides.

What Monsanto did to natural cotton seed in India has bankrupt many farmers with failed crops of their GMO  Bt Cotton.

It is called the GM GENOCIDE OF INDIA

As far back as four years ago, Monsanto when Prince Charles announced that thousands of Indian farmers were killing themselves after using GM seed for crops he was braned a loon.

Monsanto promised that the farmers would have never ending yields and bountiful harvests if they switched their seeds to GMO genetically modified cotton. The farmers borrowed money to buy the seeds, and when the plants failed they had no income to feed their families.

Over 125,000 farmers committed suicide as a result of Monsanto’s products, claims and the destruction of the natural seeds of the country.

Prince Charles set up a charity the Bhumi Vardaan Foundation to help the families of this tragic event.

Prince Charles had come out against GM as a “global moral question” and that the time had come to end the march towards a genetically modified agricultural system of poor results and the unnecessary alterations of food.

Recent reports from India is that the rural people are dying a slow death by swallowing insecticide. The farmers are massively in debt for buying Monsanto’s expensive seeds. The entire agriculture of India stands to be destroyed by Monsanto’s gmo seed.

Traditionally agriculture inspite of the lack of rain at times would still be plentiful and the farmers would still be alive. Many children are abandoned now without parents because either one or both have killed themselves.

The magic seeds are not cheap and come at a steep price of 10 pounds for 100 grams, which traditional cotton seeds are 10 pounds for 1,000 times more seed.

The seeds were sold as being “pest proof” seeds but that turned out to be a lie also. The bollworms a parasite devoured the crops. Monsanto also said the seeds would require less water which wasn’t the case, and water was a matter between living and dying in this drought prone area of India.

Yes, Monsanto is set to rule the world with their ‘food domination” sickness and their believe that “He who controls the seed, controls the world”.  In their corporate madness Monsanto believes it will one day control the whole world.

Monsanto Owns the US Department of Agriculture

The US Patent Office must undergo a complete investigation for granting Monsanto “any” patents that include a naturally found seed. The smell of a corrupt system in US politics lends itself to critical review in granting a corporation that is so deeply intertwined with the US Dept of Agriculture.

The head of the Dept of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was once an attorney for Monsanto and handled their law suits. He now makes national decisions that affect 350 million Americans in the food they put in their babies mouths.  The very food that they feed their elderly parents -is in the hands of Monsanto’s own lawyer. How on earth does he sleep at night.

So far, Tom Vilsack has approved GMO sugar beets, corn, cotton, soy, wheat in the United States to be infected with GMO seed.  The heavy use of Round UP, Monsanto’s pesticide is needed in greater quantities to keep the weeds out of crops. That was indeed their plan.

GMO Corn has spread to Canada, and Canadian wheat fields including the canola fields of one farmer who fought back. His name is Perce Schmeiser, and you can Google him for more details. Percy fought Monsanto in court and won.

In Peru, the country has banned Monsanto for 10 years

It is time for the US government to stop the spread of a bio-hazard and stop GMO in foods for American families.

It is time for President Obama to put a stop to this madness that will destroy the very food that people eat.

The time has come to end Monsanto’s strangle hold on the country and its health if it is to have a future.

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