Monsanto a US Company of Poison and Deceit

Monsanto the huge seed, pesticide and chemical company that claims it holds a patent on seeds, made by nature by injecting pesticide in the germ of the seed, is under enormous world wide condemnation and lawsuits.

Yet under the direction of the USDA Tom Vilsack who is a former Monsanto lawyer himself, was appointed by Pres. Barack Obama. It is clear that Obama receives campaign contributions from Monsanto, Dow, pharmaceuticals and other large corporations, but Monsanto is one of the vilest companies in the world.

Total World Food Domination for Monsanto is their Primary Goal besides selling pesticides to farmers to kill off even more people. Bill Gates is now promoting GMO seeds to poor countries in Africa, taking advantage of their vulnerability and lack of knowledge of what GMO seeds will do to their people.

A mass of protests, calls for the USDA head to step down and a litany of lawsuits has not stopped the President of the United States from taking decisive action to prevent the losses, the costs to consumers and the degradation of food production in the country.

The stories are real, the anger is growing and the political stakes could not get much higher. If Obama chooses to ignore the wants and needs of voters, he will only add to the chances that he will fail to win re-election in November.

Monsanto Sued for Poisoning Farmers – Argentina

“A lawsuit filed this week claims that the Monsanto corporation, “motivated by a desire for unwarranted economic gain,” knowingly poisoned farmers that were pressured to use the company’s chemicals.

“Farmers from Argentina claim that agricultural giant Monsanto, along with Philip Morris and other major American tobacco companies, asked them to use chemicals on their crops that caused “devastating birth defects.” The plaintiffs say that the corporations being included in the suit were aware of the implications but failed to warn the farmers, instead acting “by a desire for unwarranted economic gain and profit.”

“In the suit, filed this week at New Castle County Court in the state of Delaware, Monsanto, Philip Morris and others are said to have “wrongfully caused the parental and infant plaintiffs to be exposed to those chemicals and substances which they both knew, or should have known, would cause the infant offspring of the parental plaintiffs to be born with devastating birth defects.” A 55-page complaint filed in court alleges that those chemicals caused conditions to develop that include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida, congenital heart defects, Down syndrome, missing fingers and blindness.”

The perfect drug? Monsanto hooks Nepal on GMO corn

The Nepalese government has teamed up with notorious agricultural giant Monsanto to force farmers use its GMO seeds. The strain, banned in several EU countries, will be used to substitute imports and boost the starving nation’s maize production.

The ultimate goal of the protests was to put pressure on the government of Nepal to cancel its agreement with USAID and Monsanto before the consequences hit. They say the partnership will shift the country’s dependence from imported maize to genetically modified seeds from abroad.

Monsanto’s history is not exactly branded in glory. Allegations of monopolization of local markets follow the corporation, as it has been sued by hundreds of thousands of farmers around the globe.”

Monsanto Threatens to Sue the Entire State of Vermont for Food Labeling of GMO

“Lawmakers in Vermont are looking to regulate food labels so customers can know which products are made from genetically modified crops, but agricultural giants Monsanto say they will sue if the state follows through.

If the bill in question, H-722 (the “VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”) passes the state Senate and House, manufacturers will be required to label products that are created either partially or in full from a genetically modified organism, or GMO”

“With Vermont legislators now standing in the way of what could mean even more money for Monsanto, the company says they will sue the state if H-722 is approved.”

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