Mitt Romney’s Iran Oil Investments

In his 2010 tax returns Mitt Romney forgot to mention his investments in Iran Oil that were reported in his 2006 tax return.

It is of no wonder that he dropped those Iran and Russian and China’s oil investments in Iran so quickly or diverted them to another shell company, who knows at this point what he did.

Mitt Romney’s and Ann Romney’s Iran Oil Investments-Millions of dollars in Foreign Oil Companies

Romney invested 1.5 million dollars in Iran Oil and many view that as un-American and a definite embarrassment to his campaign for President in 2012.

It is not the first time that Mitt Romney broke the laws of decency, showed his unpatriotic side for the sake of saving money with illegal immigrants or investing in a state that aims to nuke Israel. Remember this one:

I’m Running for President for Pete’s Sake!! I can’t hire illegal immigrants!!

Romney denounces Iran but secretly invests in Iranian oil producing companies for profit.

It is simply unAmerican for a phony GOP candidate to condemn the enemies of Israel and then invest in that same country that wants to attack them! Outrageous flip flopping Mitt Romney does it again and again.

Mitt Romney invested in both Russian and Iranian Oil companies as well as China Oil investments in Iran, he worked it any way he could to profit.

Mitt Romney’s Phony Attacks on Iran to appease Jewish Voters


In 2007 Mitt Romney was gearing up for another Presidential run and he called for New York and California state pension funds not to invest in Iran. At the same time, he himself was investing in Iranian oil.

A Liar, a Flip -Flopper, a guy who you can’t seem to get past all the gaffs and distortions and a guy who earns 20 million a year off of the backs of companies he destroyed while CEO of Bain Capital.

As a Mormon, as an American, as a Republican there are no morals in this man Mitt Romney will make money any which way he can, even if he lies about it.

Romney quotes on Iran in the 2008 Presidential Election:

“We don’t want to give a signal of support or accomplishment to someone like Ahmadinejad. Instead we want to tighten the economic sanctions. Today by the way I wrote a letter to the comptroller of the NY State and said: I hope you take a very look at all the investments of your pension fund. I’d like to make sure that the pension funds in this country, and New York State in particular in this letter, that your pension funds dis-invest from companies doing business in Iran.

We want to squeeze the pressure on that country, and get them on the right track”.

(The right track is when Mitt Romney invests in Iran).

Mitt Romney’s $250,000 in Gazprom- from his 2006 Financial Disclosure Forms

Ann Romney has 1 Million Income from Gazprom and Cnooc Fund -from 2006 Financial Disclosure Forms.

Mitt Romney’s $100,000 income from Lukoil Stock in 2006-from 2006 Financial Disclosure forms

Mitt Romney’s $15,000 Income from Sinopec Stocks- from 2006 Financial Disclosure Forms

Mitt Romney’s $100,000 assets invested in Sinopec -from 2006 Financial Disclosure Forms

A total of 1.5 Million dollars of Romney’s Investments were in Iranian oil, the lifeblood of the Iranian economy that the US has now sanctions against.

Mitt Romney has $215,000 estimate income from Iran Investments.

Romney’s Investments with Iran Oil Deals:

In 2007 Gazprom invests 7.5 Billion in gas pipeline deal with Iran. (UPI Energy August 14, 2007).

Gazprom is a Russian owned company that extracts natural gas headquartered in Moscow.  Gazprom also has evaded taxes on a large scale since 1998 to 2000. In 2005 Gazprom was open to foreign investments, and Mitt Romney too full advantage of that.

Then there was a one billion dollar deal with  Lukoil and Iran- CIS Business Financial Daily, May 28, 2007 Luckoil is a Russian oil company headquartered in Moscow and produces oil in Iran.

A 16 Billion Dollar Deal of Cnooc Ltd with Iran, WSJ Dec. 22, 2006

A 100 Billion Dollar Deal Sinopec Oil Field Deal with Iran, International Herald Tribune, Nov. 27, 2006

The Sinopec company is a China Petrochemical Corporation that Mitt Romney also invested in and the trend is Romney has no morals about his investments. Anything to make a profit by investing in companies that compete with the US in oil production. By his investments he is supports Iran’s nuclear weapons program and their oil companies production of oil in Iran.

Curated News:

Daily Kos: Mitt’s Iran Oil Investments Left out of his 2010 Tax Returns

In 2006 Romney had 1.5 million dollars invested in Iran Oil but in 2010 those investments were omitted in his tax returns.

Possibly because he and his wife knew they were running for President in 2012 and either dumped the Iran investments or put them in someone else’s name, we still don’t know to where that investment disappeared.

Then, there is the linger questionable lower tax rate that Mitt Romney enjoys and it is lower than most Americans pay from factory workers to office workers, Mitt Romney pays less tax as a multimillionaire republican.

Reuters: Romney Returns Show Low Tax Rate-Questions Linger

Mitt Romney pays a lower tax rate than most Americans on 42.5 million in 2 years (as of 2011 Tax Return Releases).

Mitt and Ann Romney paid only 13.9 % tax rate in 2010, and will pay only 15.4 tax rate in 2011. Romney was quoted as saying last month that “he pays a lot of income tax”.


You can find more information on all of Mitt Romney’s tax returns at:

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