Mitt Romney Olympic Bailout-Business Experience?

Mitt Romney Olympic Bailout-Business Experience?

The 2002 Winter Olympics hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah was under the direction of Mitt Romney as the head of the Salt Lake City Committee. In 1999 Romney was hired as the President and CEO of the Winter Olympics Games.

Under Romney’s skills as a business man one must look at the need for some skills in budgeting for expenses, any businessman worth his salt needs to know budgeting.

This is one repeating failure of Mitt Romney: he doesn’t budget very well and there exists a pattern of this flaw in his resume for President. Although, Romney cites his running the Olympics as a success story when it was the federal government that came to the rescue with taxpayers dollars by injecting 600 million into the Olympic purse strings.

Did Romney actually save the games from catastrophe, not quite as he states he did. The accusations of bribery of the members of the International Olympics Committee before he took over it was a challenge to correct the previous mistakes.

“I led an Olympics out of the shadows of scandal” he states in a Washington speech but he does not acknowledge the fact that the government bailed him out.

Romney actually persuaded his friends in congress to give more money to cover the costs of the Olympics in his self-proclaimed turnaround of the endeavor.

The Government Accountability Office issued a report regarding Romney’s handling of the money as wasteful spending.
The 2002 Winter Olympics went down as the most expensive games in US history and even Senator John McCain cited the games as “an incredible pork-barrel project for Salt Lake City and its environs”. It was not the custom of the US government to invest so heavily in a US hosted Olympic game, the money is supposed to come from sponsors, local cities and the the US Olympic Committee.

The Mitt Romney business experience consists of “How to Get the Government To Bail You Out”. The American taxpayers should be thanked not Mitt Romney. While he rails against “Big Government” “Handouts” “bailouts for General Motors” he himself did not refuse the 600 million dollars it took to save the Olympic Games under his direction.


Romney needs to correct his platform if he is to run for the Presidency under the terms:

Less government spending
Auto industry bailout -Let them Go Bankrupt-let them fail
No Bailouts

The total bill for the Olympics ballooned to 1.3 billion dollars at the end, mostly bailouts for Mitt Romney to take credit for and use in his campaign for President.

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