Mitt Romney Endorses Pink Slime

Updated: May 9, 2012

The manufacturers of Pink Slime are reported to be one of Mitt Romney’s campaign donors. Ensuring that if Romney is President you’ll be seeing more Pink Slime products at your grocery store.

The Flim Flam Pink Slime Man Mitt Romney Endorses Pink Slime

Mitt Romney Endorses Pink SlimePink Slime support from Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney received $200,000 campaign donation from Beef Products Inc., the makers of Pink Slime that are now fighting back the bad press for their unappetizing pink refuse disguised as hamburger filler.

You could say that:

Mitt Romney is tragically Slimed

Mitt Romney is Severely Slimed

Mitt Romney The Pink Slim Man

The head of Beef Products Inc., Eldon Roth  maker of Pink Slime is a firm, Romney supporter and has hosted fund raisers for Romney. You could call Eldon Roth the Food Domestic Terrorist we’ve all been fearing that has the full approval of the US Dept. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack who’s law firm defends Monsanto.

The food industry is an incestuous cesspool of corruption, greed, politics, mixed with an infection worse that e.coli. This business preys on the public health, costs the US in major export losses, economic loss, jobs and infects children with bacteria for profit.

At $5.00 a pound are you really getting beef hamburger or Pink Slime, consumers are not even afforded a label to discover what they are buying, and they are might angry at the USDA for allowing such filth to be sold at all.

It is the beef industry that are cheating the public, and it is the USDA that is complicit with that fraud by its approval of Pink Slime. 

The beef industries cheating, lying and greed has to stop before higher healthcare costs will cost taxpayers more than this five dollar hunk of slime. Next the beef industry will call it;

Slime Pate. Or they’ll call it Filet of Fine Ground Alternative Beef.

Photo: Courtesy of Esquire Magazine

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