Mitt Romney Can’t Say “George Bush” in Public

Even after George W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney in Washington today, Mitt Romney just can’t bring himself to say the words: George Bush, George W. Bush or President Bush preferring to call the former Republican President as: “President Obama’s Predecessor“.

In St. Petersburg Florida today Romney said: ” Obama is critical of his predecessor for the debts his predecessor put in place” he used the word Predecessor five times in his speech.

Romney’s camp is not handling the George W. Bush endorsement very well, preferring to keep it under wraps and ignoring the okay by George W. Bush who’s name has become nuclear to the GOP party in this election. Romney today tried to ignore the endorsement of his own predecessor, George Bush.

It leaves the Democrats wide open to attack the Republicans for the failed mistaken Presidency, of George W. Bush, not that Americans can easily forget what he did to the country any time soon. 

The George Bush Presidency annihilated any chance John McCain had in 2008 and still the Romney camp has attempted to make a distinction between himself and George W. Bush. However, Romney’s aides were careful not to enlist the help of the former GOP President for fear of guilt by association of the failures of the republican years.  

Romney has distinguished himself from Bush, by not stating his position on continuing the presence of troops in Afghanistan and has come out on a possible war with Iran a country that George Bush ignored for eight years.

Still, the Romney-Bush problem exists even today,  try as they might Republicans have to face the fact that another Republican President is not what the country can accept. Not again.

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