Mitt Romney and Gay America

Among the real issues in America that Mitt Romney tries to avoid and they are numerous, is of the gay issues and the threat of HIV/AIDs which is no longer a gay issue, the disease has spread to the heterosexual community quite rapidly.

Anthony Rapp, an American actor of the stage and film speaks about how Mitt Romney reduced financial help for HIV/AID’s care in the state for his four years as Governor from 2003 to 2007.

Each year in Massachusetts there are increasing numbers of persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and from 2000 to 2010 the number of persons with living with HIV/AIDS increased by 42% during Romney’s tenure.

Romney has so far stayed away from describing what he would do about the HIV/AID’s funding on a national level but with his cost cutting statements, one can assume he would indeed cut funding to AID’s/HIV medical care and research so badly needed today.

On other gay issues Mitt Romney as a Mormon faithful, does not agree with Gay Marriage, does not support gay marriage and will most likely do what the GOP indicate they will do and that is to pass a Defense of Marriage Act to ban Gay Marriage.

Only a handful of US states recognize gay marriage as valid, and legal and the majority have not passed gay laws especially red states.

In other words, Mitt Romney is not a great supporter for gay voters of the LGBT community due to his own religious views and that of his party, as a President he would not be an inclusive leader but one who is actually led by others.